Monday, August 12, 2013

What!! I have to give up my Greek yogurt!  I FINALLY found one that I like and now I have to omit it from my food choices......BUT.....I'll reintroduce it after 30 days and go from there!

Being raised a "Bailey" I learned early on that fried is the way to go!  Or....maybe it was Pap's secret ingredient for his famous Apple Crisp.....Karo Syrup!  Nannie's block of cheese in the scrambled eggs to make them 'ropey' and perfect for biscuits. I need to stop reflecting because it's really not even making me hungry.  Missing Papaw, but not hungry (right now anyway)!

Wednesday, August 14th is my day!  The first day of change.  The first day of improvement.  The first day of feeling better.  I've read the web page many times and at least ten personal blogs about the Whole30 Program and was actually happy to see pros and cons.  Bottom line being, the majority of those that I read did feel better.  I wasn't quite on  board at first because people weren't talking about the large amounts of weight they were losing. But, the changes made mentally, emotionally and physically (inches more than pounds!) by far out weighed (pun intended!) the lack of weight lost in that first 30 days.  AND....I also saw that the majority of the people blogging didn't really have a ton of weight to lose.  I do! 

So, here we go!  I've found in the past that really limiting and restricting carbs works for me.  We'll see how I feel when I'm finished, but I anticipate gradually adding back in my newly found favorite Greek yogurt, skim milk, etc. I am however looking forward to eliminating sodas and artificial sweetners. Time will tell.......No......the bloating will tell!

Sometimes after eating a simple meal, of what I've always thought was healthy and healthy portions....I still feel like I've just finished a Bailey Thanksgiving dinner!  I don't like that!  I also don't like the severe edema I'm having in my lower legs.  First thought by the doctor's was 'venous insufficiency' but a 2 hour Doppler study showed the main veins in the legs are satisfactory...not wonderful...but OK. 

So....Miss "I don't have time to go to the gym today"....needs to find time and that all starts again tomorrow!

Are there other diets out there not as drastic?  Yep!  Do they cost an arm and a leg to do?  Yep!  I have to ask.....if obesity is a problem, and it is, why does it cost more to fix it?  Gym memberships - cha-ching!  Organic foods - cha-ching!    But, I need to make changes and these need to be lifetime changes.  I want to see my wonderful children continue to grow and flourish in their own lives.  And, see my grand-children grow up and invite me to their Kindergarten Tea, first t-ball game, first formal dance and be escorted down the aisle as the grandmother of the bride/groom.  Brings tears to my eyes already!

My doctor is on my side and wants me healthy too!  Having a good team is crucial and I have to be committed to doing my part too.  He can't provide a chef for me or an electric shock built into my car seat to nudge what needs work the most (when I turn into Chic-fil-A)!  I have to put my big girl panties on and do it!  (It sure will be nice to buy panties from the OTHER girl section.  THAT my lady friends is an entirely different blog post....I don't even want to get started on what's the right type of panties to wear under a dress, pants....somebody stop me!)

I'm going to try and post daily about my success and/or struggles.  I do welcome your comments and words of encouragement!  Pap & Dad, I love you and miss you terribly....but the Karo syrup and battered fried pork-chops have to go!
Love ya...mean it! 


  1. YOU CAN DO IT MOM!!!! I am planning to start it as well! We will see how it goes!

    Love you :)

  2. Thanks Ash! I know it's only been 2 days, but I do feel great! I'm tired tonight - but we've had a very busy day with the house. Love you too!

  3. yay! will have to check out this plan! when I was in the habit of being "good" a while back ... the no artificial sweeteners (or very reduced!) really made a difference for me ... but need to get back in the good habits. I found the first two weeks to be tough, but then the cravings go away ... so I need to start my two weeks AGAIN! go girl! cin

  4. Cin - I really debated on whether to start before or after the BIG ADVENTURE! But, I decided to go for it, because there will always be something that will make it difficult. Example - "I'd like to go to I-Hop for brunch on Saturday!" D'Lawd!


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