Monday, August 19, 2013

Day Six of the Whole30 .....Kimchi...No!

Day Six.....I remember back in about 5th or 6th grade someone did a report on kimchi and I would rather eat the chocolate covered grasshoppers than to eat a perfectly good head of cabbage ruined!

Nannie makes the best cabbage and collards - hands down!  I can come pretty darn close, but I also don't put fat-back in them (I'm sure that's the secret ingredient!).  All I could think of was putting that pot of goodness outside to spoil for a very long, long time and then ....fry it up for dinner!  Not on my watch!

My son-in-law Tim is not a fan of cabbage and really doesn't like the smell of it cooking.  Just out of curiosity, I had Ashley ask him if he would eat kimchi?  No!  No matter how we phrased it - No!  Even if they co....NO!

Today was my first day in the office since starting Whole30 and it wasn't too bad.  I packed a great lunch and then went out - but ate right on plan and wasn't tempted at all when they brought french fries on her plate.

This afternoon though, I had the worst taste in my mouth and needed some gum, a mint, SOMETHING!  I did have a piece of gum and after chewing the heck out of it, realized I had my toothbrush and toothpaste in my drawer.  That might have helped. 

And happened!

One of my lovely co-workers snuck up beside me and just stood there with a chocolate Mr. Goodbar.  My first reaction and comment was, "What is that?"  She hesitated for a minute, I'm sure from the look of fear on my face and simply replied, "Chocolate.  Want some?"

I know you think I caved - WRONG!  No ma'am, I can't have that. But I did consider asking her if I could have the wrapper just to smell it!  Nawww - just kidding!  I like chocolate but I don't LOVE chocolate.  If it had been a warm pretzel stick or homemade bread....I might have been like that potato chip commercial where the lady is getting her nails done and as soon as the bag is abandoned.....Swoop and chip crumbs all over her freshly painted nails!

Great day and looking forward to tomorrow!

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