Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 14 of the Whole30.....Planning is essential!

Day 14....Planning + Planning = A better day!

It wasn't a horrible day!  If I'd planned and eaten protein for breakfast instead of thinking fruit would hold me and packed my lunch, it would have been better.

Andrew had Open House tonight for 10th grade.  Because he is 10 ft tall, I challenged him (actually dared him) to walk up the freshmen table and say, I'm a freshman, is this where I sign up?  The poor lady would have probably fallen over backwards in her chair.  He didn't bite.

Instead we talked to Robbie & Ashley's former guidance counselor and her son is Andrew's.  Go figure!

Great classes for Drew and it's gonna be an AP kind of semester but classes he loves (hopefully he'll learn to love Algebra II, because his Mama is having heart palpitations just thinking about it) and all his teachers seem wonderful. 

Off we go to another school year and off I go to pack my lunch!
My little man and he's grown so much since Christmas!

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