Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day Five.....and still alive!

Day Five and what do you know....not having bread OR Diet Coke hasn't killed me!

It was the perfect morning to sleep in today because it was a little rainy and felt great outside. 

Upon rising, I was hungry!  I made decaf coffee and the only condiment used in it was canned coconut milk.  I think it cuts the edge off of it being completely black, but it's not as good as my sugar-free creamer.  Oh well.  I also made breakfast the Whole30 way and shared it with my honey.  He enjoyed it too!

It's been mentioned the 'flu' feeling within week one.  Today, after taking my shower, I wasn't feeling as great as I have, but after a short nap on the couch and a couple hours of playing the banjo.....I felt better.  Still draggin' a little, but have accomplished another day of success!! Yeah me!

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