Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day one of the Whole30......and feeling groovy!

Today was MY day one of the Whole30 Program.  However, with so much going on, I forgot to log in on their website.  So, tomorrow will be my 'official' first day.

I'd actually planned ahead last night and cut up my fruits and veggies.  Cooked a dinner that would be good leftovers for my lunch and was all set when my feet hit the floor this morning.

I vow to be completely honest during the next 30 days....and I did weigh-in this morning and honestly won't be sharing that number!  I will share however that through the course of the day, I was only hungry one time and that was right before dinner.  We actually went out to eat and I knew it would be hard, but I did it and no eye rolling or complaints from my special requests.  Nice.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and feel great because I already have in mind what my menu is for the day!

I did have a little help today!  My grand-daughter Kiley spent the day with me and kept me very busy.  She got to pick out her Birthday present first thing this morning and after a slight diversion, she picked out a Disney Princess Shopping Cart!  You'd never know she was quite the princess after we got to our lot and she rode the tractor!  Thanks Kiley for your support - Grammie loves you!

Grammie's co-pilot!

Million dollar smile!

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