Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day Two of the Whole30....The House that Jack Built!

Day Two!

Rise and shine - let's build a house! 

We've waited a long time for this and today was the day our house was set on the foundation!  The team from the crane operator to the truck driver that walked around picking up trash....had a mission and didn't stop until the job was done.  It was quite an experience to watch and yes, I took lots of pictures!

I knew my options for lunch today would be fast food or fast food.  So, I packed my lunch in my handy-dandy Thirty-One lunch bag (little plug there for ya Ash!) and off I went.  When everyone else was feasting on fried chicken, I ate every morsel of my lunch.  And, Cuzzn Thom's specialty salts made my avocado quite yummy!

I feel great and want to get on the scale to see if the last two days have made a difference, but I vowed not to and I won't. 

Tonight, we celebrated Kiley's 3rd birthday and yes, Kiley and Great-Grandma Weezie made birthday cake today!  Per her request, she wanted a 'strawberry cake with REAL strawberries on it".  To top it off, I had to stop and buy 2 large pizzas for everyone else.  Pizza AND cake!

I was packin' again and survived the night!  Bring it on Day Three!

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