Friday, August 16, 2013

Day Three of the Whole30 - Is this burger as dry as the other one?

Day three of the Whole30!

Yesterday, they built a house!  Today, I'm starting to pack the old one and being home while trying to change your eating habits is harder.  I won't give in - but it is harder.

The night before I was to start the Whole30, I bought extra-lean ground beef and cooked hamburgers for myself and the guys (Stephen and Andrew).  I see now why Five-Guys, Cook-Out, Pierce's have such mouth drooling burgers....they use ground beef with the highest amount of fat!

These burgers had a good taste, but Lordy were they dry.  I choked and had to act quickly to keep from spitting it across the room!  The guys just lathered theirs up with condiments to choke them down.

I originally hid the 2 leftover because I can't have all the 'stuff' they can have.  But I gladly offered one to Andrew for his lunch, and he accepted.  I warned him again and suggested he put some ketchup....nonono....bathe it in ketchup.  I watched his face for some sort of expression....nothing.  Once, he finally got it down, he turns to me and says, "Mom, the spices you used on the burgers were perfect!"  He turns to leave the kitchen and says....."But they are REALLY dry!"  We laughed!

Today, I tried again!  This time, I purchased patties from Trader Joe's thinking they were already cooked.  Nope.  I had to pull our the George Foreman - again - and cook them.  Being lured by the smell of burgers cooking, he came out of his man cave upstairs and said, "What's for lunch?" (glad I guess that I have the day off and he won't have to fix Ramen!).  His eyebrows told his feelings as soon as he saw the GF grill cooking, and with a hint of smile says, "Is this burger as dry as the other one?"  What else could I do but laugh?

If that's the only complaint I hear today - I'm good!  Love me some Andrew!

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