Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beige is NOT Beige....and you want to put the deer head where?

Beige is Not Beige.....unless it's Woodrow Wilson Putty!

I couldn't even begin to tell you how pleased I was when I saw our kitchen (different layout) but same white cabinets, similar counter top and floor and the PERFECT color on the wall, on Pinterest!  Not too beige.  Not too gray.

I went to Lowe's (after visiting Benjamin Moore and I think found the perfect color for the living room/great room there - Thanks Al & Rob!) and intended on just purchasing a sample to take back and try.  I used my FREE coupon for the sample, compared it to the white on the trim......I'll take a gallon please!

A few other supplies in the cart and off I go to start painting.  Once there, I couldn't get the first swipe on the wall quick enough.  Was I going to have to return the paint?  Heck no - I love it!

Kitchen paint - CHECK!  And, I'm not really sweatin' the LR/GR color either because I already know what I want and I'll be purchasing that this week too.  I want to get the paint on the walls BEFORE the carpet is installed.

During my free time, I went back to Pinterest hoping it would solve another decorating challenge!  I'm determined to make this work for the country boy/hunter/fisherman I'm married to and the eclectic vintage country girl he married.  The deer head(s).  Yep, there's two. (and for the sake of time, I'll only speak of the deer tonight.  There are two mounted fish as well.)

I typed in "Deer Head" and auto fill added the word "decor".  Really? all you hunters out there and wives of hunters, please don't get your panties or BVD's in a wad.  We are going to make this work and in order to do that I need to have a little fun with it too.  Gimme a break!

Deer Head Decor.....I found many options and thought I should share some of them......

Now.....even I had to laugh at this! 

I actually like this! 

I'm not a fan of the really dark walls.  But again, this is OK!

There were plenty more, but these were my favorites!  There was one I thought I saved that had an old vintage frame around the mounted buck, and that was was pretty cool.  I do think that taxidermy experts should be able to replicate your prize buck by casting it into this white resin. Wives everywhere would be happy!  I am thinking of looking for one like the middle picture, but smaller to mount with the real one.  And, of Christmas it's a place to hang a wreath!  Well, there you go!

I'm not a girly girl, but I do like girl things.  I also like to ride go-karts, love my power tools and am just a tad bit competitive when fishing.  I'd love to have a citation fish and had a blast in California creating the perfect lure with Cuzzn Thom!  So, I get it and I'm not scared of the deer heads, nor do they make me whimper for Bambi.  It's just not my style of 'decor'.

As we move our furnishings in and start to decorate, I'll be scanning each room for just the right place to put one of the mounted deer heads.  I promise to blog about the honorary hanging of the buck and include photos!  Including the photos of how I decide to hang my collection of antique purses.  Love ya Babe!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Beige is Beige!

Beige is beige right?  Wrong!  Oh so wrong!

I'm trying to pick out paint colors for the great room and kitchen of our new home and needed to wait until we saw the new carpet samples and picked that! 

In the meantime, I've been to Sherwin Williams, Lowe's and Home Depot to look at 8,213 different colors of beige.....Actually what I want is a Grayish Beige! Here's what I found....

Country Beige, Barefoot Beach, Pavilion Beige, Cliveden Mist, Hopsack, Pecan Sandie, White Asparagus, Drifting Dune, Desert Fortress, Rock, Modern Gray, Gray Beige, Tightrope, Ashen and they even had a Windsor Greige (Get it?  They blended Gray & Beige to make 'Greige') 

Obviously, I didn't list all the varieties but I did find that carpet is just as hard to select.  It has to blend well with our existing furniture and our couch is brown. I love gray and brown together (Ashley is shaking her head I'm sure),  and the problem is most of the gray options are cool colors, which is why I wanted to go with the grayish beige.

I had so many paint samples on my kitchen table, I was about ready to put them all in a bowl and pick one for the great room and one for the kitchen.  And while we are at it, let's just go with the sea foam green carpet too!

While trying this color with that color and matching it up with our favorite kitchen color, I suddenly discovered the exact color I want is the color of the brochure!  You've got to be kidding me! Since I have a coupon for a free sample at Lowe's, I'll go by there and see if they can match it.

QUESTION:  I'd like to know your paint preferences.  Lowe's?  Home Depot?  Sherwin Williams?  I'd love your feedback!

I hear good things about all three as far as the quality of the paint.  Home Depot didn't have as many options in the neutral colors I was looking for and customer service was lacking a little.  Lowe's was super busy, but I did browse for a long time at their samples.  Sherwin Williams wins the gold star for customer service.  Each visit has been great....AND their paint is going on sale this weekend I think!

You know what's easier than picking out paint colors?  Playing my banjo!  See-ya!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ding! Ding! Roung Two!

As you know, I finished my Whole30 challenge and for the most part have stayed on the plan.  I decided to introduce a few things back in to see how I tolerate them and here's what I found.....
  • Skim milk - Good! (Only used it in my coffee)
  • Bread - Heck No!  I felt bad, my stomach was bloated and just blah!
I want to make sure this is truly a lifestyle change and don't feel like I'm completely there.  It actually makes me nervous going to a restaurant or grocery store.  While doing the first 30 days, you could have slapped a fresh piece of homemade bread with REAL butter on it, right on my cheek and I wouldn't have eaten it. 
Now, mentally because I know I'm not officially on the program, it makes me nervous. And, with the few additional food options I've added, I've noticed a few things creeping back and don't want that at all. 
Soooooooooo it's become a family affair (go ahead my Motown friends - sing it with me....It's a family affair!)  Kathy has already started and my daughter, Ashley is starting tomorrow.  I'm going to join her for another 30 days! 
I don't want to fill up Facebook with posts every day, unless I put something else that's up my sleeve.  But, you can subscribe to get the blog posts via email by signing up to your right.  (Elevator music while you find it!)
Anyone else want to join us?  It's a free can do whatever you want to do and I'll bet Walmart, Martin's, Farm Fresh and even Trader Joe's will let you buy whatever you want too!
Buckle up cuz here we go!

Friday, September 13, 2013

30 Full Days Completed!

30 Days Completed!

I wanted to complete the full thirty days before I stepped on the scale.  And I've done that!

This morning.....I did what every person does before they take that dreaded clothes and take a deep breath and blow out at least 2 pounds of air BEFORE getting on the scale. Oh, and any other elimination that needs to happen will also take off another pound right?  HA!  Why do we do such crazy shenanigans?

13.1 pounds in 30 days!  My lucky number is 13 (has been since I started playing softball wearing skorts!) and today is Friday the 13th. Only appropriate!

I'm very pleased and of course I've made it no secret how it's made me feel so much better.

Now...confession time!  While at the house deliberating over carpet, I realized I was hungry and didn't want to talk carpet samples any longer.  We went to Two Drummer's Smokehouse (Yum - recommend a visit!) and I ordered a BBQ plate with collards and sweet potato.............and I usually give Stephen my biscuit - OR - ask them not to bring it at all.  Tonight - I'm going to eat my biscuit!

My plan was to eat until I was full of everything else and then if I still wanted the biscuit, I'd eat it.  I couldn't finish all the BBQ, but did wipe out the veggies.  I picked up the plain biscuit and broke it in half and said to Stephen, "I feel guilty eating this."  Stephen, "I didn't!"  I ate the half and gave him the other half.  It was good, but I noticed about 20 minutes later, I was bloated.  After only 1/2 a biscuit?  I'd rather had the fresh pork rinds if I was going to be bloated anyway!

Lesson learned!

I'll continue on my quest of healthy eating and part of that is because of the support I've received from family and friends.  Whenever I go to Mom's to pick up Drew, she walks out with a Ziploc snack bag filled with something I can eat.  Of course, you saw the card from my sister! Today, I received a yummy edible arrangement of fruit (and kale!) from a dear friend, Alice.  Even better than the fruit, were her kind words and sentiment that made my day!  Thanks Mom!  Thanks Kathy!  Thanks Al!  Thanks everyone!

Can I double this in another 30 days?  I'm going to try!  We've got a busy month ahead, so check in periodically to see how I'm doing!

Love ya - Robin 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 30 of the Whole30......Tuhdah!

Day 30......Tuhdah and thank you, thank you very much!

Where's my crown?  I've been practicing my pageant way for years! 

Yesterday, I got home and had every intention of blogging for Day 29.  However, the History channel had a special on about September 11th and it was quite captivating.  It held my attention but it also create a sadness in my heart as they played a collection of personal videos, phone messages, etc from that day.

Before I knew it, Stephen was waking me up to go to bed.  Guess I was a little tired!

Today I really wanted to weigh myself, but I wanted to commit to the full 30 days and then tip toe onto the scale.  Tomorrow morning when everyone is still sleeping, I'll have a little one on one time and see what the numbers show.

I said going into this I was NOT going to focus on whether or not I'm losing weight.  I was feeling like a slug and needed to do something to snap me out of it.  This program was the ticket and I'm being 100% serious when I say this.  I started on a Wednesday (the same day all the house excitement started) and on Thursday, my knees didn't hurt. I had a little pep in my step and I felt good about making the changes.  I was in the zone.  And, by the zone...those of you that have dieted before know what I mean.  When I'm in the zone you can't tempt me with anything.  I was determined to succeed and I still am. 

I do want to try and add a few things into my diet and possibly take a few things away too.  I miss my Greek yogurt but I've found I don't like the way my stomach feels after eating ice burg lettuce. 

Bottom line....I'll weigh myself tomorrow but I'm not going to change much.  The sugar and sugar substitutes were not missed....much.  I'll admit I did want a diet coke around week 2, but I don't crave them.  I just want to find something else to drink other than water.  I found a drink today at Farm Fresh and all it was was purified water, mint and orange essence.  Essence of nasty is what it was.  It tasted like a bowl of potpourri.  I was so excited because it didn't have any form of sugar.  I know!  I know!  What did I expect?  I figured it would be a sparkling water with a hint of orange flavor.  Yuck- potpourri!

Stay tuned for tomorrow and I'll post my total weight loss....big or doesn't matter.  I know if I stay with it, it will continue to work and to top it off....I'll continue to feel great!

As Kiley says......I do'd it!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 28 of the Whole30....With My Own Bad Self!

Day 28......Bluegrass Junction all the way to school!

Today, I thought it was going to be a doozy of a day!  I'm trying to gather up all my extra stuff for work because we were having a surprise bridal shower.  Thus why I had to suffer through making the Buffalo Chicken Dip last night!  And to top it all off, there was some leftover and I had to bring it home!  Oh my LuLu!

A-n-y-w-a-y....Andrew heads out the door, all 6'2" of him and I'm looking like I'm auditioning for Saturday Night Live, as I try and carry the cooler bag, my work bag, purse, shower gifts and coffee......can't spill the coffee.  I don't know who I thought I was talking to but I had to at least say it out loud....Mom do you need any help?  Oh no....I think I've got it if you can run me by Urgent Care to try and bring back my circulation in my fingers that would be nice! Or maybe I could take this balancing act on the road...what do YOU think as you get in the car without asking to help or even carry my coffee???? (Breathe!)

Of course, then I had to try and get out the front door.  Which way should I turn?  How am I going to lock the door.  I look at the car....Andrew is all ready to go and buckled into the front seat, like a nice teenager should be.  Isn't that nice?

I usually try to be respectful of our difference in opinion with music, although we both do love classic rock!  I limit how often I put my radio on Bluegrass Junction.....but not today!  Flatt & Scruggs....Bill Monroe....Allison Kraus....carried me all the way to school! 

That was the start of my day and even though I knew we'd have food brought in for lunch, I was prepared!  Food for the bridal shower, I was prepared and someone was nice enough to put out a lovely display of strawberries and pineapple!  Very yummy! I'm proud of myself and again so thankful for the change Whole9 Life and the Whole30 Challenge has made in my life! 

Any other time I've tried to diet, I go through this phase of being ticked because I can't eat all the wonderful foods I enjoy if I'm dieting!  I speak to people everyday that have to make adjustments to their diet or their health suffers.  Or, their health has suffered already because of poor food choices and/or the preparation of that food.  Today, I wasn't angry or feeling deprived because I couldn't have a sandwich on that nice fresh white loaf bread....I had some tasty chicken, carrot & asparagus salad and fresh mango for dessert....I'm going to win this battle.....with my own bad self!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 27 of the Whole30...Please tell me why I did that?

Day 27....Why did I do that?

Robbie, Haylee and Baby Avery (As Kiley likes to call her...not just Avery, but Baby Avery!) came over for a visit and to have dinner with us.  I asked myself many times today....What will I fix for dinner? Ahh-Hah...Breakfast!

Dinner was easy!  I fixed pancakes, beef sausages and scrambled eggs...for them!  Once that was finished....I fixed myself scrambled eggs with a little diced tomatoes and green chilies. A little splash of hot sauce and I was good!  For dessert, I had a slice of papaya.

Oh yeah - I forgot!  I have to make the World Famous.....Frank's Buffalo Chicken Dip! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  I did this to myself by waiting until the last minute.  Have you ever had this?  I believe sometime during the cooking process Frank's little spicy elves transform into something to make it addictive!  Let's scan the ingredients and see if I might be able to have a bite.....
  • Frank's Hot Sauce - Maybe...depends on whether it has sugar or not!
  • Blue Cheese Dressing - No!
  • Shredded cheese (3 cheese blend is what I use!) - Nope!
  • Cream cheese - Are you kidding?
  • Chicken!  Canned works best - but of course, you know what's coming....A BIG FAT NO! (Looks like I'll be sipping on the jar of Frank's!)
I made it.  It's cooking.  And, why did I do that?  Why did I agree to make that?  I could have brought a yummy fruit bowl and sat there with a spoon and enjoyed it!  Oh!  I would've brought a second bowl for anyone else that cared to dine with me....I'm not rude (eyes rolling!)!

No worries though - I've got this!  Besides, I had to buy a pair of jeans one size smaller!  Chow!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 26 of the Whole30........Watermelon is dessert!

Day 26.....Walluhmellun is dessert!

Yeah buddy....I'm loving life right about now (with the exception of the Cowgirls just scoring a touchdown) because I made a watermelon slushie!

Because it's watermelon, it became watery quicker than I could drink it, so it's back in the refrigerator to become more of an Italian Ice......DESSERT!

As kids we all had our own unique way of trying to say watermelon.  Even now as adults we struggle a little because it's so stinkin' good we can wait to indulge into its greatness, that we start severely messing up its pronunciation.

We have proof that my daughter Ashley struggled with it.  There is a video of she and Robbie squatting over newspaper with watermelon juice from ear to ear and I'm guessing they are about five and seven years old.  Ashley says (more than once) with missing front teeth...Grammaw thith ith thum thuicy walluhmellun! I don't know what was funnier, watching her or listening to her.  Both!

I think it's the coldness of the treat more so than it being a dessert.  I usually like my water a little colder than room temperature.  But since starting the Whole30, I'd much rather have it ice cold.  Wonder why that is?

I don't really care as long as I can keep making treats like this.

My only grandson had a treat today too! Levi celebrated his first birthday today in Muncie, Indiana and I so wanted to be there.  Seeing the pictures of him diving into his cake made me laugh and remember his Mom doing the same thing with just about everything.....cake, watermelon, pizza, spaghetti.  Why?  Because GPa taught all of my children at a very early age how to slurp spaghetti, saw down a piece of watermelon and corn on the cob, and who eats pizza with a fork?  Oh, and don't forget the spit balls with the straw?  (Robert Brady you are guilty too for teaching them to shoot toothpicks into the ceiling with your straw!)  

I saw a saying on Pinterest earlier today"You only have one life!  But, if you live it right, once is enough!"  I guess that's why I'll me teaching my grand-children how to shoot spit balls across the room with a straw!

Peyton, Kiley, Levi and Avery....Grammie loves ya! 

P.S.  For the record,  both Kathy and I have participated in a watermelon seed spittin' contest.  I thought after years of eating and spitting sunflower seeds, I'd be good at it.  The kid down the street won and said to us, "Not too bad for a girl!"  Rematch! 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Days 23 and 24 of the Whole30....Oh heck...let's toss in 25 too!

Days 23,24 and 25!

Between computer issues and just a flat out stressful week....blogging had to take the back seat to sleep!

One of the many draws to me starting the Whole30 challenge, was the claim that your sleep will improve.  What?  A good night's sleep?  Another plus!  And, it wasn't that I was sleeping horrible, but I was waking up at 3:30-4:00am unable to go back to sleep...not good!

The result:  I'm usually in bed by 11pm and up by 5:30am because the alarm tells me to.  I might have to visit the ladies room once during the night, but if I do, I crawl right back in and sound asleep in seconds. 

This past week however, I had one night where the extra energy got the best of me and I was on a roll just doing stuff (same night I had a ton of back-to-school papers to sign).  I didn't go to bed until much later.  I still bounced up at 5:30, but once you add a dose of stress into the day, it's physically and emotionally exhausting.  No-No-No....not today!  I was in bed sound asleep by 9:30 that night!

On the flip side.......I ONLY HAVE FIVE DAYS LEFT!

In reality though, this has changed my outlook on what food I allow to go into my body.  Do I want a Cheese Shop sandwich?  Yes ma'am I do but it's weird because instead of wanting it because I've been deprived of such awesomeness, I want one to see how I'll feel after eating the bread, cheese, sauce, etc.

Yesterday, I went out to lunch with Steph and when I ordered a mushroom burger (no bun) and steamed broccoli, the waitress said, "Girl, you are really being good!  I would have ordered extra-cheese, with extra mayo, forget the broccoli....I want fries.....and don't even think about bringing me a whole-wheat bun. Good for you!"  Her humorous feedback made me feel good because most of the time the feedback I get is a roll of the eyes and the question...."Is that it?"  With my best smile and batting of my eyelashes...."Why yes, I think that will be plenty....and could I have a box too please?"  You rude as they can be sometimes one still has to be careful what you say BEFORE your food arrives! 

I'll continue with the change in my diet for several reasons:

  • I feel great!
  • I've noticed a difference in my skin!
  • I put on a pair of jeans yesterday and after buttoning them up, I could take them off WITHOUT unbuttoning them.
I don't know how much weight I've lost, because that's a requirement with the challenge.....Hide your scale for 30 days!  But at this point, I know I'm making healthier decisions and I'm not consuming the toxins that cause the BLAH I know the weight loss will follow.  I'm happy with that!

Thanks Whole30!
Day 22.....Portsmouth didn't have a chance!

I knew this trip was coming when I decided to start the Whole30 Challenge.  I debated back and forth....start now or later?  I decided there will always be something as an excuse ...weddings, showers, family gatherings, etc.  So, I started when I had a few days off so I wouldn't be tempted by the many No-No's at work.

Nan was able to pick anywhere she wanted to go (as long as we could make a weekend trip out of it)...Portsmouth!  Yes, you read that correct...Portsmouth!
This was decided in late June and she's been packed since early July!

Cindy and I picked her up @ 8:15 am sharp and off we went.

First stop:  Lunch with Joyce, Beverly and Martha Rae.  Friends from Cradock that used to cruise those streets of Mayberry with Nancy, Dad, and more!

We arrived at Cracker Barrel (Great!  Home of the biscuits!) and of course Nan and I needed to visit the ladies room.  It didn't take long to realize this CB had its bathrooms reversed.  Too late!  She was already in motion and taking care of business.  Me:  Ummmm...Nan hurry up, we are in the men's bathroom!  Nan:  What'd you say?  Me:  I could barely speak, I was laughing so hard.  I'm 49 years old and delivered 3 babies - so I couldn't laugh but so hard (TMI I know!)  When I shuffled her outside free from being caught, I told her what happened and asked her to please wait while I slipped into the right restroom.  Nan:  You should have to go in the men's too!

Great conversation starter for the table and no, I'm not out of the dog house yet!  There were lots of stories shared about old times and in between Nan managed to clean her plate of hamburger steak with whirped potatoes (spelled just like she says it!).

Next on the agenda - Travel the roads and back roads of Cradock to see where life took place so many years ago.  We saw their old house in Brentwood, dilapidated Cradock High School, old hang out spots, fire house, Pap's old employer (Suburban Propane) and so many more.  Thanks Bev for tagging along as our tour guide.  GPS is nice, but having a native of the town with you....priceless!
Home of the Bailey Family!

Cradock football field and concession stand

We checked into the hotel and Nan asked what we were going to do until dinner?  Plotting out our next plan of attack on old P-town!  I told her we were going to color her hair.  Nan:  "Illbedernifatso" When I pulled out the box of Lorea'l her eyes were big as saucers!  Nobody panic - I brought it just in case I decided to color my own hair...but knew I could get her going over it! (I guess I really am like my Dad!)
Formerly known as the local hot dog joint

Dinner with another Bailey family.  Bonny & Eddie, Dad and Nancy's cousins.  You can always count on a laugh when with them and this visit was no different.  Eddie gave Nan a hard time....Nan dished it back...this has been going on for years...longer than I've been alive!  Love it!
Cradock High School

We were able to see their two daughters, Stacey & Heidi, and their families too.  Great fellowship, a ton of memories and stories being told too.  Nan had a blast just being there!

You know Cindy and I scoped out the local hot spots.....Not the local Headlights GoGo joint....but the local thrift stores! We all got bargains and loaded up Cin's van like the Beverly Hillbillies.

Did we laugh?  Yes we did!  Did we enjoy our stay...In Portsmouth?  Yes!  In the hotel...not so much thanks to the horrible cleaning solution odor and the shower didn't work!  Their solution......We had to schlep our stuff up to the 3rd floor to take a shower. Our solution......schlep our stuff up to the 3rd floor AND have a full refund on the room!  Thanks Cin for making that happen!

Great weekend with two of my favorite ladies in the whole entire world.  Kathy was missed, but she was attending the Griffin's memorial service being held at the Naval Academy.  Nan is already planning another trip, so she can join us.

Good times!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 21 of the Whole30.....A Word from the Minister

Day 21.....A Word from the Minister

Back to school....Back to God's Word!

Thankfully, I had a great day Whole30 wise and if avoiding artificial sweeteners, sugar, SODAS, etc. is the reason for all this extra energy....I'm in!

Andrew's first day of school was a success.  Does anyone else have a pile of paper's to sign?  Oh, and on top of this, I need $15 for my Engineer and Design class. I'll get out my checkbook, but right now I'm on signature #14!

After a day of wonder.....I wonder how some people sleep at night? A day of disappointment, but hope! I came home to the monthly newsletter from Cowan Christian Church, located in Muncie, Indiana. You see, I just so happen to know the Minister and he sends the newsletter for my reading pleasure!

Today, the scripture jumps off the page...."I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh." Ezekiel 11:19

The Minister, aka my son-in-law, aka Timmy, aka Sissy around Spiders....also wrote the following message that was meant just for me today (and maybe you too!).....

"Sometimes it's just not easy to love people.  It's a humiliating but necessary realization how very conditional and limited our love is.

Jesus sums up the whole law with love:  Love for God and love for our neighbor fulfill the law.  It transcends everything and without it, all other things are empty.  God is love,  In His triune being He was love even before He created the world.  In some mysterious way, He invites us to become part of that trinity.  Us in Him, Him in us, beautifully bound together in love.  And yet I sometimes feel so deeply that my heart really is made of stone.

I cannot love like I should.  And I don't.  Sometimes it just takes too much energy to relate to people.  My heart of stone doesn't engage in others, it doesn't really care about anything except myself.  Maybe you feel this way also?

The promise of this verse from Ezekiel inspires me to get down on my knees and cry out to God to remove my heart of stone and give me a heart of flesh.  Father, give me a heart that can love!

On our own we cannot love; separated from God our hearts freeze to ice, but when we remain in Him and He remains in us, we as the branches and He as the true vine.  He can break our heart of stone and then heal our broken heart so His divine love, that is limitless, can flow in our veins."

Not much else I can say...other than Thank You Tim for mailing me the message I needed to hear today.  A day when it's been very hard to love everyone!  I remember a bumper sticker I saw many many years ago....God loves you, and I'm trying!

credits:  Timothy Cyphers, Cowan Christian Church (

Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 20 of the Whole30....What were we thinking?

Day 20.....Walmart....on a holiday?  What were we thinking?

Let's just run into Walmart.  We only need a few things....Yeah right!

First item on the list....pick up a prescription!  CLOSED!

The next few items were on the same side of the store and actually not too crowded.  Then we hit the grocery aisles......Zoo Central has hit Williamsburg, Virginia on Labor Day!

This is where Whole30 came in to save the day......I didn't have to shop up and down each of the rows.  We hit the drink aisle for Stephen's Coke Zero and made it out safely.  The rest was in the meat section and produce.  Thank you Whole30!!!

I'm not sure where are the people were coming from.  It appeared some were still vacationing at Great Wolf Lodge and we did see a few locals...but just a mob of people.  And hot!  It's always hot in Walmart! (I always have my own little summertime while I'm in there and all that does is make my face glow and my hair curly!)

Have a wonderful first day of school tomorrow...whether you are a teacher, student or parents of we go!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 19 of the Whole30....Potato salad, baked beans and pound cake...Oh my!

Day 19....Potato salad, baked beans and pound cake...Oh my!

Great day today and time with family is always special!

When I knew what Joyce had on the menu, I jumped at the chance to cut up a watermelon.  Especially since everything she makes is yummy.  She cooks for at least two days and gives us a true feast!  She even has homemade relish for the hot dawgs!

  • We interrupt this blog post for a funny hot dawg story....We were with Mom and Dad in Smithfield for a funeral and of course we were early.  Dad swings into Hardee's to grab a little something to eat.  He rattles off everyone's order to the drive-thru speaker and wraps up the order with his selection.....a hot dog!  Drive-thru girl:  Does that complete your order?  Dad:  Yep!  DTG:  Well, whatchu want on dat haut dawg?.....(You know he couldn't let that pass)....Dad:  What do I want on my haut dawg?  Isa wantin me sum chili, unyuns and mustud on my haut dawg and that duz complete my order.  We pulled up and she was waiting for him with a smile!

I didn't really feel deprived today until everyone started eating her homemade pound cake topped with ice cream.  What is it about ice cream?  We don't keep it in the house....because we'll eat it!  We occasionally go out to Sweet Frog or Honey Bee's.....maybe once a month.  Daggon' if that's not something I've been craving!

I just kept telling myself....Weigh it out.....How will I feel later if I have some?  How will I feel having to start the 30 days all over again?  Nope....y'all enjoy your cake!  (I came home and made more of my banana-sunflower butter 'ice cream' and waiting for it for freeze!)

And, in case you were wondering....the watermelon was FANTASTIC!  It really was, and continues to be, a very tasty treat! 
09 10 01 10