Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 30 of the Whole30......Tuhdah!

Day 30......Tuhdah and thank you, thank you very much!

Where's my crown?  I've been practicing my pageant way for years! 

Yesterday, I got home and had every intention of blogging for Day 29.  However, the History channel had a special on about September 11th and it was quite captivating.  It held my attention but it also create a sadness in my heart as they played a collection of personal videos, phone messages, etc from that day.

Before I knew it, Stephen was waking me up to go to bed.  Guess I was a little tired!

Today I really wanted to weigh myself, but I wanted to commit to the full 30 days and then tip toe onto the scale.  Tomorrow morning when everyone is still sleeping, I'll have a little one on one time and see what the numbers show.

I said going into this I was NOT going to focus on whether or not I'm losing weight.  I was feeling like a slug and needed to do something to snap me out of it.  This program was the ticket and I'm being 100% serious when I say this.  I started on a Wednesday (the same day all the house excitement started) and on Thursday, my knees didn't hurt. I had a little pep in my step and I felt good about making the changes.  I was in the zone.  And, by the zone...those of you that have dieted before know what I mean.  When I'm in the zone you can't tempt me with anything.  I was determined to succeed and I still am. 

I do want to try and add a few things into my diet and possibly take a few things away too.  I miss my Greek yogurt but I've found I don't like the way my stomach feels after eating ice burg lettuce. 

Bottom line....I'll weigh myself tomorrow but I'm not going to change much.  The sugar and sugar substitutes were not missed....much.  I'll admit I did want a diet coke around week 2, but I don't crave them.  I just want to find something else to drink other than water.  I found a drink today at Farm Fresh and all it was was purified water, mint and orange essence.  Essence of nasty is what it was.  It tasted like a bowl of potpourri.  I was so excited because it didn't have any form of sugar.  I know!  I know!  What did I expect?  I figured it would be a sparkling water with a hint of orange flavor.  Yuck- potpourri!

Stay tuned for tomorrow and I'll post my total weight loss....big or doesn't matter.  I know if I stay with it, it will continue to work and to top it off....I'll continue to feel great!

As Kiley says......I do'd it!

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  1. Way to go Rob! Ok, I laughed out loud about the potpourri drink-yum! KBG


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