Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 27 of the Whole30...Please tell me why I did that?

Day 27....Why did I do that?

Robbie, Haylee and Baby Avery (As Kiley likes to call her...not just Avery, but Baby Avery!) came over for a visit and to have dinner with us.  I asked myself many times today....What will I fix for dinner? Ahh-Hah...Breakfast!

Dinner was easy!  I fixed pancakes, beef sausages and scrambled eggs...for them!  Once that was finished....I fixed myself scrambled eggs with a little diced tomatoes and green chilies. A little splash of hot sauce and I was good!  For dessert, I had a slice of papaya.

Oh yeah - I forgot!  I have to make the World Famous.....Frank's Buffalo Chicken Dip! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  I did this to myself by waiting until the last minute.  Have you ever had this?  I believe sometime during the cooking process Frank's little spicy elves transform into something to make it addictive!  Let's scan the ingredients and see if I might be able to have a bite.....
  • Frank's Hot Sauce - Maybe...depends on whether it has sugar or not!
  • Blue Cheese Dressing - No!
  • Shredded cheese (3 cheese blend is what I use!) - Nope!
  • Cream cheese - Are you kidding?
  • Chicken!  Canned works best - but of course, you know what's coming....A BIG FAT NO! (Looks like I'll be sipping on the jar of Frank's!)
I made it.  It's cooking.  And, why did I do that?  Why did I agree to make that?  I could have brought a yummy fruit bowl and sat there with a spoon and enjoyed it!  Oh!  I would've brought a second bowl for anyone else that cared to dine with me....I'm not rude (eyes rolling!)!

No worries though - I've got this!  Besides, I had to buy a pair of jeans one size smaller!  Chow!

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  1. You're in the home stretch Rob! I have only been doing it one week today and feel amazing so I can only imagine how great you must be feeling after almost thirty days! It is scary how just changing what you are eating can affect how you feel this much. Love ya! KBG


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