Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 20 of the Whole30....What were we thinking?

Day 20.....Walmart....on a holiday?  What were we thinking?

Let's just run into Walmart.  We only need a few things....Yeah right!

First item on the list....pick up a prescription!  CLOSED!

The next few items were on the same side of the store and actually not too crowded.  Then we hit the grocery aisles......Zoo Central has hit Williamsburg, Virginia on Labor Day!

This is where Whole30 came in to save the day......I didn't have to shop up and down each of the rows.  We hit the drink aisle for Stephen's Coke Zero and made it out safely.  The rest was in the meat section and produce.  Thank you Whole30!!!

I'm not sure where are the people were coming from.  It appeared some were still vacationing at Great Wolf Lodge and we did see a few locals...but just a mob of people.  And hot!  It's always hot in Walmart! (I always have my own little summertime while I'm in there and all that does is make my face glow and my hair curly!)

Have a wonderful first day of school tomorrow...whether you are a teacher, student or parents of we go!

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