Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ding! Ding! Roung Two!

As you know, I finished my Whole30 challenge and for the most part have stayed on the plan.  I decided to introduce a few things back in to see how I tolerate them and here's what I found.....
  • Skim milk - Good! (Only used it in my coffee)
  • Bread - Heck No!  I felt bad, my stomach was bloated and just blah!
I want to make sure this is truly a lifestyle change and don't feel like I'm completely there.  It actually makes me nervous going to a restaurant or grocery store.  While doing the first 30 days, you could have slapped a fresh piece of homemade bread with REAL butter on it, right on my cheek and I wouldn't have eaten it. 
Now, mentally because I know I'm not officially on the program, it makes me nervous. And, with the few additional food options I've added, I've noticed a few things creeping back and don't want that at all. 
Soooooooooo it's become a family affair (go ahead my Motown friends - sing it with me....It's a family affair!)  Kathy has already started and my daughter, Ashley is starting tomorrow.  I'm going to join her for another 30 days! 
I don't want to fill up Facebook with posts every day, unless I put something else that's up my sleeve.  But, you can subscribe to get the blog posts via email by signing up to your right.  (Elevator music while you find it!)
Anyone else want to join us?  It's a free country...you can do whatever you want to do and I'll bet Walmart, Martin's, Farm Fresh and even Trader Joe's will let you buy whatever you want too!
Buckle up cuz here we go!

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