Friday, September 13, 2013

30 Full Days Completed!

30 Days Completed!

I wanted to complete the full thirty days before I stepped on the scale.  And I've done that!

This morning.....I did what every person does before they take that dreaded clothes and take a deep breath and blow out at least 2 pounds of air BEFORE getting on the scale. Oh, and any other elimination that needs to happen will also take off another pound right?  HA!  Why do we do such crazy shenanigans?

13.1 pounds in 30 days!  My lucky number is 13 (has been since I started playing softball wearing skorts!) and today is Friday the 13th. Only appropriate!

I'm very pleased and of course I've made it no secret how it's made me feel so much better.

Now...confession time!  While at the house deliberating over carpet, I realized I was hungry and didn't want to talk carpet samples any longer.  We went to Two Drummer's Smokehouse (Yum - recommend a visit!) and I ordered a BBQ plate with collards and sweet potato.............and I usually give Stephen my biscuit - OR - ask them not to bring it at all.  Tonight - I'm going to eat my biscuit!

My plan was to eat until I was full of everything else and then if I still wanted the biscuit, I'd eat it.  I couldn't finish all the BBQ, but did wipe out the veggies.  I picked up the plain biscuit and broke it in half and said to Stephen, "I feel guilty eating this."  Stephen, "I didn't!"  I ate the half and gave him the other half.  It was good, but I noticed about 20 minutes later, I was bloated.  After only 1/2 a biscuit?  I'd rather had the fresh pork rinds if I was going to be bloated anyway!

Lesson learned!

I'll continue on my quest of healthy eating and part of that is because of the support I've received from family and friends.  Whenever I go to Mom's to pick up Drew, she walks out with a Ziploc snack bag filled with something I can eat.  Of course, you saw the card from my sister! Today, I received a yummy edible arrangement of fruit (and kale!) from a dear friend, Alice.  Even better than the fruit, were her kind words and sentiment that made my day!  Thanks Mom!  Thanks Kathy!  Thanks Al!  Thanks everyone!

Can I double this in another 30 days?  I'm going to try!  We've got a busy month ahead, so check in periodically to see how I'm doing!

Love ya - Robin 

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