Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beige is NOT Beige....and you want to put the deer head where?

Beige is Not Beige.....unless it's Woodrow Wilson Putty!

I couldn't even begin to tell you how pleased I was when I saw our kitchen (different layout) but same white cabinets, similar counter top and floor and the PERFECT color on the wall, on Pinterest!  Not too beige.  Not too gray.

I went to Lowe's (after visiting Benjamin Moore and I think found the perfect color for the living room/great room there - Thanks Al & Rob!) and intended on just purchasing a sample to take back and try.  I used my FREE coupon for the sample, compared it to the white on the trim......I'll take a gallon please!

A few other supplies in the cart and off I go to start painting.  Once there, I couldn't get the first swipe on the wall quick enough.  Was I going to have to return the paint?  Heck no - I love it!

Kitchen paint - CHECK!  And, I'm not really sweatin' the LR/GR color either because I already know what I want and I'll be purchasing that this week too.  I want to get the paint on the walls BEFORE the carpet is installed.

During my free time, I went back to Pinterest hoping it would solve another decorating challenge!  I'm determined to make this work for the country boy/hunter/fisherman I'm married to and the eclectic vintage country girl he married.  The deer head(s).  Yep, there's two. (and for the sake of time, I'll only speak of the deer tonight.  There are two mounted fish as well.)

I typed in "Deer Head" and auto fill added the word "decor".  Really? all you hunters out there and wives of hunters, please don't get your panties or BVD's in a wad.  We are going to make this work and in order to do that I need to have a little fun with it too.  Gimme a break!

Deer Head Decor.....I found many options and thought I should share some of them......

Now.....even I had to laugh at this! 

I actually like this! 

I'm not a fan of the really dark walls.  But again, this is OK!

There were plenty more, but these were my favorites!  There was one I thought I saved that had an old vintage frame around the mounted buck, and that was was pretty cool.  I do think that taxidermy experts should be able to replicate your prize buck by casting it into this white resin. Wives everywhere would be happy!  I am thinking of looking for one like the middle picture, but smaller to mount with the real one.  And, of Christmas it's a place to hang a wreath!  Well, there you go!

I'm not a girly girl, but I do like girl things.  I also like to ride go-karts, love my power tools and am just a tad bit competitive when fishing.  I'd love to have a citation fish and had a blast in California creating the perfect lure with Cuzzn Thom!  So, I get it and I'm not scared of the deer heads, nor do they make me whimper for Bambi.  It's just not my style of 'decor'.

As we move our furnishings in and start to decorate, I'll be scanning each room for just the right place to put one of the mounted deer heads.  I promise to blog about the honorary hanging of the buck and include photos!  Including the photos of how I decide to hang my collection of antique purses.  Love ya Babe!

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