Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 22.....Portsmouth didn't have a chance!

I knew this trip was coming when I decided to start the Whole30 Challenge.  I debated back and forth....start now or later?  I decided there will always be something as an excuse ...weddings, showers, family gatherings, etc.  So, I started when I had a few days off so I wouldn't be tempted by the many No-No's at work.

Nan was able to pick anywhere she wanted to go (as long as we could make a weekend trip out of it)...Portsmouth!  Yes, you read that correct...Portsmouth!
This was decided in late June and she's been packed since early July!

Cindy and I picked her up @ 8:15 am sharp and off we went.

First stop:  Lunch with Joyce, Beverly and Martha Rae.  Friends from Cradock that used to cruise those streets of Mayberry with Nancy, Dad, and more!

We arrived at Cracker Barrel (Great!  Home of the biscuits!) and of course Nan and I needed to visit the ladies room.  It didn't take long to realize this CB had its bathrooms reversed.  Too late!  She was already in motion and taking care of business.  Me:  Ummmm...Nan hurry up, we are in the men's bathroom!  Nan:  What'd you say?  Me:  I could barely speak, I was laughing so hard.  I'm 49 years old and delivered 3 babies - so I couldn't laugh but so hard (TMI I know!)  When I shuffled her outside free from being caught, I told her what happened and asked her to please wait while I slipped into the right restroom.  Nan:  You should have to go in the men's too!

Great conversation starter for the table and no, I'm not out of the dog house yet!  There were lots of stories shared about old times and in between Nan managed to clean her plate of hamburger steak with whirped potatoes (spelled just like she says it!).

Next on the agenda - Travel the roads and back roads of Cradock to see where life took place so many years ago.  We saw their old house in Brentwood, dilapidated Cradock High School, old hang out spots, fire house, Pap's old employer (Suburban Propane) and so many more.  Thanks Bev for tagging along as our tour guide.  GPS is nice, but having a native of the town with you....priceless!
Home of the Bailey Family!

Cradock football field and concession stand

We checked into the hotel and Nan asked what we were going to do until dinner?  Plotting out our next plan of attack on old P-town!  I told her we were going to color her hair.  Nan:  "Illbedernifatso" When I pulled out the box of Lorea'l her eyes were big as saucers!  Nobody panic - I brought it just in case I decided to color my own hair...but knew I could get her going over it! (I guess I really am like my Dad!)
Formerly known as the local hot dog joint

Dinner with another Bailey family.  Bonny & Eddie, Dad and Nancy's cousins.  You can always count on a laugh when with them and this visit was no different.  Eddie gave Nan a hard time....Nan dished it back...this has been going on for years...longer than I've been alive!  Love it!
Cradock High School

We were able to see their two daughters, Stacey & Heidi, and their families too.  Great fellowship, a ton of memories and stories being told too.  Nan had a blast just being there!

You know Cindy and I scoped out the local hot spots.....Not the local Headlights GoGo joint....but the local thrift stores! We all got bargains and loaded up Cin's van like the Beverly Hillbillies.

Did we laugh?  Yes we did!  Did we enjoy our stay...In Portsmouth?  Yes!  In the hotel...not so much thanks to the horrible cleaning solution odor and the shower didn't work!  Their solution......We had to schlep our stuff up to the 3rd floor to take a shower. Our solution......schlep our stuff up to the 3rd floor AND have a full refund on the room!  Thanks Cin for making that happen!

Great weekend with two of my favorite ladies in the whole entire world.  Kathy was missed, but she was attending the Griffin's memorial service being held at the Naval Academy.  Nan is already planning another trip, so she can join us.

Good times!

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