Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 26 of the Whole30........Watermelon is dessert!

Day 26.....Walluhmellun is dessert!

Yeah buddy....I'm loving life right about now (with the exception of the Cowgirls just scoring a touchdown) because I made a watermelon slushie!

Because it's watermelon, it became watery quicker than I could drink it, so it's back in the refrigerator to become more of an Italian Ice......DESSERT!

As kids we all had our own unique way of trying to say watermelon.  Even now as adults we struggle a little because it's so stinkin' good we can wait to indulge into its greatness, that we start severely messing up its pronunciation.

We have proof that my daughter Ashley struggled with it.  There is a video of she and Robbie squatting over newspaper with watermelon juice from ear to ear and I'm guessing they are about five and seven years old.  Ashley says (more than once) with missing front teeth...Grammaw thith ith thum thuicy walluhmellun! I don't know what was funnier, watching her or listening to her.  Both!

I think it's the coldness of the treat more so than it being a dessert.  I usually like my water a little colder than room temperature.  But since starting the Whole30, I'd much rather have it ice cold.  Wonder why that is?

I don't really care as long as I can keep making treats like this.

My only grandson had a treat today too! Levi celebrated his first birthday today in Muncie, Indiana and I so wanted to be there.  Seeing the pictures of him diving into his cake made me laugh and remember his Mom doing the same thing with just about everything.....cake, watermelon, pizza, spaghetti.  Why?  Because GPa taught all of my children at a very early age how to slurp spaghetti, saw down a piece of watermelon and corn on the cob, and who eats pizza with a fork?  Oh, and don't forget the spit balls with the straw?  (Robert Brady you are guilty too for teaching them to shoot toothpicks into the ceiling with your straw!)  

I saw a saying on Pinterest earlier today"You only have one life!  But, if you live it right, once is enough!"  I guess that's why I'll me teaching my grand-children how to shoot spit balls across the room with a straw!

Peyton, Kiley, Levi and Avery....Grammie loves ya! 

P.S.  For the record,  both Kathy and I have participated in a watermelon seed spittin' contest.  I thought after years of eating and spitting sunflower seeds, I'd be good at it.  The kid down the street won and said to us, "Not too bad for a girl!"  Rematch! 

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