Thursday, September 19, 2013

Beige is Beige!

Beige is beige right?  Wrong!  Oh so wrong!

I'm trying to pick out paint colors for the great room and kitchen of our new home and needed to wait until we saw the new carpet samples and picked that! 

In the meantime, I've been to Sherwin Williams, Lowe's and Home Depot to look at 8,213 different colors of beige.....Actually what I want is a Grayish Beige! Here's what I found....

Country Beige, Barefoot Beach, Pavilion Beige, Cliveden Mist, Hopsack, Pecan Sandie, White Asparagus, Drifting Dune, Desert Fortress, Rock, Modern Gray, Gray Beige, Tightrope, Ashen and they even had a Windsor Greige (Get it?  They blended Gray & Beige to make 'Greige') 

Obviously, I didn't list all the varieties but I did find that carpet is just as hard to select.  It has to blend well with our existing furniture and our couch is brown. I love gray and brown together (Ashley is shaking her head I'm sure),  and the problem is most of the gray options are cool colors, which is why I wanted to go with the grayish beige.

I had so many paint samples on my kitchen table, I was about ready to put them all in a bowl and pick one for the great room and one for the kitchen.  And while we are at it, let's just go with the sea foam green carpet too!

While trying this color with that color and matching it up with our favorite kitchen color, I suddenly discovered the exact color I want is the color of the brochure!  You've got to be kidding me! Since I have a coupon for a free sample at Lowe's, I'll go by there and see if they can match it.

QUESTION:  I'd like to know your paint preferences.  Lowe's?  Home Depot?  Sherwin Williams?  I'd love your feedback!

I hear good things about all three as far as the quality of the paint.  Home Depot didn't have as many options in the neutral colors I was looking for and customer service was lacking a little.  Lowe's was super busy, but I did browse for a long time at their samples.  Sherwin Williams wins the gold star for customer service.  Each visit has been great....AND their paint is going on sale this weekend I think!

You know what's easier than picking out paint colors?  Playing my banjo!  See-ya!


  1. For what it's worth...the guy who painted the condo for us said he's not a fan of Lowe's his opinion it's cheap paint. The lady who helped me paint our house who paints for a living uses Sherwin Williams. Happy Painting! KBG

  2. I used Lowe's in the kitchen and it was ok. I didn't sit and look at it for endless hours because it was such good quality. But...I do LOVE the color. For the LR, I went with Benjamin Moore and it was OK too. You really do have to put 2 coats on to get the true color and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I've used Sherwin Williams before and liked it, but they just didn't have the colors I was looking for.


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