Washington Street

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Washington Street?

I had the BEST childhood ever!  I don't know that I would change one thing and quite a few of my days were spent at Nannie & Papaw's house on Washington Street here in Williamsburg.

So many tales that bring a smile to my face, but I'll kick it off with this one (and fully expect a certain sister and cousins to pipe in with colorful commentary as well!).....

Once upon a time in a land far far away.......just kidding!

Actually, Washington Street was in the heart of Williamsburg at the time.  And I still consider it to be, even though the town keeps growing and growing.

Because it's off Capital Landing Road, it's very close to Colonial Williamsburg and the three amigos (Kathy, Cindy and myself) would meet at Nan & Pap's and off we'd travel....on foot....with about $2 in our pockets (will get to that later) to begin yet another CW adventure!

Depending on what time of day it was, we'd catch the big grey bus and set our goal for Merchant's Square.  However, we'd play silly games like....We can't get off the bus until a cute boy gets on! (What the heck were we thinking?  Why get off the bus?) or we'd speak in our version of a foreign language, understanding each other completely and then die laughing when the foreign tour group, also on the bus looked at us in utter confusion...These American children are quite odd!

Mission accomplished....we've landed at Merchant's Square and the home of Rexall french fries!  We couldn't get our $2.00 out quick enough to buy our own order of fries and a soda. Tons of ketchup was a must and we were livin' large!

Eventually, we'd head for home and for those of you having lived here for years, know the bridge there at the end of Capital Landing Road used to be a wooden bridge.  It was a rich dark brown and in some areas, covering the bridge were these huge oil spots.  Cindy and I were big enough to jump across the spots but Kathy, being four years younger, was having difficulty on one particular day.

Robin:  C'mon Kath - jump across!
Kathy:  I can't I'm too little!
Cindy:  Yes, you can!
Robin & Cindy:  You know, if you try to jump across the oil spot and don't make it, you fall underneath the bridge where the trolls live.

Kathy's eyes were big as saucers and I'm sure her hair was in pigtails (so stinkin' cute!)!  Cindy and I stood on the safe side of the bridge, chuckling a little trying to encourage her to jump.  Kathy took about 10 steps back, got a running start and hurled herself over the spot of doom to Trollville.  When she landed, she landed running and shouting, "I'm going to tell Nannie and Papaw that y'all told me I'd fall to the trolls."  Cindy and I had to kick it into high gear to catch her, yelling the whole way...."We were just kidding.  You've walked over those spots a million times and nothing has happened.......

Did we get in trouble?  No!
Did we laugh for hours?  Yes!

The bridge covering Trollville is now cement and grey.  Every July 4th and first Sunday of December, we drive to the old Bruton Heights school to watch the fireworks and I can't help but think about the many memories shared crossing that bridge with my two best friends!  Love ya!


  1. This is too funny! Love hearing about y'alls stories :)

  2. Yea...it's funny cuz they weren't doing it to you! Ok, I guess it's pretty funny looking back on it. Great times for sure! KBG

  3. It wasn't funny when we had to kick it into high gear to try and catch you. And Yes, wonderful times! I'd love to have that old house!

  4. Yes, that would be awesome! Too bad Minor's isn't still there too....and I wonder whatever happened to Nan and Pap's "Nellie Belllie" (aka-the station wagon)?? KBG


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