Thursday, October 3, 2013

Paintin' Ain't For Sissies!

Tonight I relived all the times I slid into 2nd, 3rd or home!  All the stretches at first base, pulled muscles and abuse I put my body through playing softball!

I started painting before Stephen arrived and by that time....I was pooped!  I wanted the good paint fairy to swoop in and just finish it! 

I assumed the position of resting in the chair, sweat pouring and smelling oh so lovely...while Stephen did everything I couldn't reach. 

I couldn't leave well enough alone and it was like Ol' Herman was standing there yelling from the dug-out.....Put 'r on!  (When you say that you have to get it just right!  Take your voice down as deep as you can get it and then just run all those letters together.....put 'r on)

Alright!  Alright!  I'm up and ready for another inning!  Gimme that roller because it is NOT going to win tonight.  Paint?  More paint!  I've gotcha covered there too.  Uhmmm.....I'm going to 'Put 'r on like a pro!......and feel like an old goat tomorrow!

Scratch that....I'm going to feel like an old goat tonight!  I'm guessing just night after night of painting and going up and down the ladder, arms reaching points I haven't reached in ages, squatting.......Oh my LuLu.....the squatting!  My cheeks are screamin' and it's not from too much smiling.

H-o-w-e-v-e-r....I got about halfway finished and then I was done.  Done for tonight anyway.  No more paint in the tray and no more game in the girl!  Calgon take me away! 

Side note....You won't find Put 'r on in the dictionary.  Not even Jeff Foxworthy's (hehe).  But if you've been to see a ladies softball game at Quarterpath Park - probably Country Grocery & Deli playing Whiting's've heard it!  Runners at 2nd and 3rd and first base was open and Lisa Gorby steps up to the plate with her weapon on choice....aka...the bat! (and knowing Lisa, her bat probably had a name like Bertha, Earl or something).  Ol' Herman coached Whiting's and was determined NOT to let Lisa crush the ball into left center field and send his girls running.  What did he do.........yelled to his pitcher......"Put 'r on!  Put 'r on!"  Herman's way of saying an intentional walk and off Lisa would trot to first base!

I believe Herman was called home several years ago and I hope he knows his legacy has carried on for many many years!   

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