Monday, October 7, 2013

I want my hair to look just like THAT!

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing these are probably the two most requested hairstyles that a stylist sees.  

I want you to make me and my hair look just like that!

I'm kind of looking for something in between.  Sorry Honey, but the days of longer hair are history.  Plus, it's all in how you carry yourself regardless of what your hair looks like.  If you like it....own it!

Those who have cut my hair, know I love pictures.  Rarely do I walk into a salon without a picture on my phone, in my wallet....somewhere! 

I like this, but not quite as short here.  And not quite as long there.  The color is good, but don't make me look like a block party or create a mullet.

So I turned to my good friend Google and decided to do some hunting. There can't be THAT many different versions of short hair!  Wrong!
This is a little longer than what I have now.  Well actually, it's quite a bit longer. Cute!

This is actually one of my favorites!  I'm not too far from that now and although I don't have that very defined jawline like this lovely lady....I still think it's for the Definitely Maybe file! 
This appears to be just slightly different from the photo above and another favorite. Of course lighter in color.  The bangs are a little longer and we all know how much fun it is to grow out bangs.  I'll be pullin' a Miranda and cuttin' those bad boys with some rusty kitchen scissors!

I want to be able to wear it curly sometimes too and I think with a little extra length, I can pull that off when I want something a little different.....and sassy!

And of course, you know I had to have a little fun with this adventure!  Just like there is someone for everybody....there is also a hairstyle for everybody.  And this goes into the Face Palm File. and the front of it reminds me of a teenage boy that has naturally curly hair and will do whatever possible to comb it out and it creates that lovely flip outlining the forehead.

And speaking of teenage boys with curls.............This was back in December and it's grown about 3-4 inches since then.  Love him and his curls!

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