Saturday, October 5, 2013

I can wiggle! Can you?

I clearly remember as a child going to see Dr. Fletcher in the offices across from the old Williamsburg Community Hospital.  And, it was the highlight of the visit when he'd make his bow-tie bounce and his ears wiggle.
I'm proud to say I can wiggle my ears too, but if I see you in Target or in passing somewhere don't ask me to do it, because that talent is saved for the grandbabies!  Oh  my!
I saw Dr. Fletcher this morning while waiting for tires to be  put on my car.  I was not happy this morning and the cha-ching of the cash register wasn't making it any better.  "Mrs. Ward, when's the last time you had the alignment checked?  Since we are putting tires on, we can check it today for you.".....20 minutes later...."Mrs. Ward, your car is due for state inspection, we can do that for you today too AND we'll give you a $5 discount."  I wanted to ask....Could you check the air in my tires, vacuum it out, change the windshield wipers....Let's just go all out today!
About that time this sweet man walked through the doors with a cane.  As he shuffled his way to the counter, he smiled and spoke to everyone.  "Good  morning Dr. Fletcher.  How are you?"........."Well, I'm pretty good for a man my age."  We chatted a few minutes and when he learned my children now have children, he covered his face, laughed and said...."This makes me really feel old, but keeps me going too!" 
He looks exactly like I remember him when I was little and when he took care of Robbie and Ashley.  Seeing him turned my day around and I've wiggled my ears several times while typing!
I guess it really is the little things!

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