Friday, October 25, 2013

Holiday Confessions

While browsing through the November 2013 issue of Country Living, I came across the 'Editor's Note' and she gives a few details and her own tightly guarded secrets.

Of course, it got me thinking about our family holiday rituals and secret confessions.  However, most of mine do not revolve around the food that's made.  It's more of how we'd all be rich and famous had we thought to video tape one specific Christmas Eve.

This particular December 24th was spent at Nannie & Papaw's house and of course a FULL house!  Food?  You bet!  Nannie's collards and cabbage, macaroni and cheese, homemade fudge, Nancy's blueberry pies (my personal favorite) and bowls of goodness that just didn't make sense it was so good! 

The gift exchange was usually pretty much the same.  Someone was elected to pass out the presents and then we'd start....mostly with the youngest (because they can't fidget anymore) and then we'd work our way up to Nan & Pap. 

Laughter is a given anytime the Bailey/Wilder clans get together and this particular night fell right in sync.  I don't remember what prompted the concert I'm about to explain, other than the musical garland laced with ringing bells that Nannie used to hang on the wall.  I can see her now....."Let me plug in my bells so the kids can hear them!"  She probably shuffled a little bit to the music and Pap probably put something silly on his head to make the kids laugh (after the dreaded pinch from his toes!).

You see Toby Keith ain't got nuttin' on us and this is why we'd be famous had we video taped the event.  Before we knew it, we were all lined up across the floor with a Red Solo Cup (aka "bell") in each hand. As the musical garland continued to clang, the birth of the Bailey/Wilder Hand Bell Choir took place.

I don't think I've laughed so hard in all my life.  As funny as it was.....we were serious about every chime our imaginary bell made and when one Christmas carol ended, we'd launch into the next.  Unable to breath from the laughter, but the concert continued.

These, and many many more, are the memories that I hold near and dear to my heart.  One day Pap will pinch me with his toes again and I'll hear Dad play his nose harp (Yep - that says nose harp!) and I'm thinking we might have to have an encore performance this year! (BYOD - Bring Your Own Depends!)

What are your holiday rituals or confessions?  Don't be bashful because if I can tell you I stood in the middle of the floor using a Red Solo Cup as a bell pretending to make can tell us yours!

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  1. We had the "original" red solo cup song! I can picture Pap with something on his head right now....or modeling his brand new underwear over his pants. You're right...where was the video camera when we needed it!! Too funny....great memories. Love ya! KBG


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