Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day Eight of the Whole30...I feel like Christopher Columbus!

Day Eight and I discovered something absolutely wonderful today!

I can eat at Chipotle or Quodoba! 

I read a lot of people doing the Whole30 or Paleo diet successfully eat at one of those fine establishments and today I was out and about during my lunch hour and knew I was in trouble because I didn't pack my lunch today. Well, I packed fruit and that's it!

It was easier and quicker to hit Chipotle and while everyone else in our office enjoyed Cheese Shop sandwiches (those of you from Williamsburg KNOW that was pure torture!!!), I really enjoyed my salad with carnitas, picante and guacamole.  I enjoyed it so much that I suggested Quodoba for our date night dinner, just for comparison.  There, I had chicken, picante, green salsa and then I added a little hot sauce.  Whoa whoa that's some fine eatin' and I had just enough and don't feel bloated.

Feeling bloated after meals was one of the main reasons I looked into doing Whole30 and I can honestly say.....since day one, I have not been bloated at all.  Not even the slightest.

I can't weigh myself for the 30 days on the program, but I've noticed my jeans button a whole lot easier and I'm just about ready to tighten my belt up a notch.  I could do it now, but then you might see me in a Freaks of Walmart book somewhere and I'd rather just wait until it happens naturally.  Ya know!?!

So today, this August Wednesday, has been a day of discovery and other than really wanting a heaping spoonful of house dressing...I did manage to stay on plan and get the job done.

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