Friday, August 23, 2013

Day Ten of the Whole30........TGIF!

Day Ten - TGIF!

Thank Goodness I'm Full!

And I'm thankful it's Friday too!

I'm really trying not to make a big stink about people eating food around me that I can't have. It will ALWAYS be there.  And, I know after the 30 days I may actually have a slice of that pizza......or a scoop of ice cream.  But you know, it will have to be a lip-smackin' good piece of pizza and some of Mom's homemade ice cream for me to risk going back to feeling so bloated.

Pizza is on the way to my house!  Stephen and Andrew weren't thrilled with the idea of grilled tuna, mashed cauliflower and fresh strawberries for deezert.  TGIF!  I've eaten and I don't think I could eat another bite. That's a good thing so I won't even want a slice of that nasty ol pizza!

I was a little hungry when I left work, but I stopped by Trader Joe's to pick up some veggies and fruit and also grabbed some dry roasted almonds.  They did the trick and filled that little hole in my stomach saying, Feed me!  Feed me!

You aren't supposed to snack, and I try not to.  However, sometimes I have to nibble on a few pieces of fruit, handful of almonds or cashews to avoid the homemade coffee cake sitting in the kitchen at work.  I know, I know....but it's note always easy to walk away or avoid the kitchen.  Eventually, I have to go in the kitchen to get my lovely lunch I've prepared.  AND...if I go in there with a few cucumber slices in my system, I can say...No thanks - TGIF!

Love ya - mean it! 

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