Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 15 of the Whole30...Really? Really!

Day 15......I'm halfway there? Really?  Really!

Today marks the halfway point of doing the Whole30 program!  Here are the facts:
  • I feel great!
  • This isn't that hard
  • I want to weigh myself
  • I need a smaller belt
  • I'm regular
  • I don't crave sweets
  • I like this change
I really do feel great and a lot of that has to do with the inflammation being better.  I still don't quite understand the how's of why this works, but it does.  The combination of the great foods I can have makes my diet tasty, new and is keeping the pain and swelling down.  The edema in my ankles is not gone.  However.....I sit at a desk the majority of the day.  On the weekends I do not have the swelling.  Let me repeat that in case you were just skimming through and pretending to read this....on the weekends I do not have any swelling!

Because I've almost reached the point of a third new hole in my belt, I really want to get on the scale and see what it has to say.  I've got a long way to go, but I can already tell a difference in my clothes.  Especially, around my waist.

I've never been a 'gotta have sweets' kind of person.  My snickers bar is a fresh piece of homemade bread!  And crazy enough we don't keep ice cream in the house regularly, but I do miss a good scoop of ice cream.  I'll have to experiment a little.  I just remembered Sunshine's Mango Pineapple Popsicles!  Mmmmmm....I might have to make them this weekend and they could be just the ticket.

I also realized a few days ago that I did not take a BEFORE photo of myself.  However, I do have a photo of me on Day 1 going into our new house for the first time.  I'll just pose again and wear the same clothes for comparison.  I don't like photos of myself and unless I get to the point that people are comparing me to Sandra Bullock, you won't see those pictures. 

Guess what day IT is?  HUMP Daaaay....and my halfway point!  Go me!

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