Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 16.....Fat & Ugly!

Day 16....Fat & Ugly!

What a horrible thing to say!  Each word individually is bad enough, but when you link them together....horrible!

I want to take a break from Whole30 tonight to touch on the message I was greeted with early this morning.  It was a general post directed to a specific person and the deliverer was obviously experiencing joy in knowing a "popular girl" from school is now ....Fat & Ugly! Those exact words.....Fat & Ugly! (and no this isn't a current high school student....adults who finished school some 30 years ago!)

Well,  I sat on the edge of my bed in utter disbelief as I read moreIt did not get any better.  The post was removed because a few people were offended.  Yep, I was one of them. 

To give fair balance, there was a reason....because the "popular girl" was mean and bully-like in school.  And yes you are right, we've all encountered a "mean girl" somewhere along the way but as a 49 year old woman, I refuse to give even a second of my day to someone who was young a foolish 30+ years ago.  The individual that caused you harm, might be living with regret for the things she said or did and given the opportunity.....might apologize.   

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think when the words Love One Another and Forgiveness were used in the Bible, they were meant only for the nice, skinny and pretty people.  We all need to exercise forgiveness and treat others as you want to be treated.  Life is just too short to hold on to such negative feelings.

As I sit here listening to my son play his guitar, I'm so thankful he's more interested in that vs. Facebook.  I have a blast with some of my family and friends on FB and it's great keeping in touch with everyone.  But....I refuse to have to scroll through such hurtful words....Be nice...just be nice!  When you send me a friend request, I expect you to be friendly!

The main difference I see in these two ladies is one waited until later in life to become the bully.

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