Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beauty Through Strength

What makes us strong?
  • Relationships?
  • Confronting a fear?
  • Saying good-bye to a loved one?
  • Facing those dreaded numbers on the scale?
  • That proud walk back to the locker room after a workout?
  • All of the above!
What makes us beautiful?
  • Holding  your chin up and shoulders back to prepare for the fight of your life.  Whether that's a relationship that needs mending or the strength to move on.
  • Being scared to death, but you saddle up anyway! (Thanks John Wayne!)
  • The tears that are shed as you say good-bye to that one person that loved you, supported you and taught you how to laugh at yourself!
  • The numbers!  And tomorrow, the number is smaller and the next day even smaller. 
  • Sweat!  I may not smell pretty - but I feel my best when my hair is saturated, face is red and legs are feeling a little like mush.
  • All of the above!
As I battle my "Marriage 25" and the wonderful diagnosis of "Venous Insufficiency" I'm having to put aside all my cute wedge shoes, flip flops (only those with zero support), anything with a heel and find a shoe that's comfortable AND stylish.  I'm beginning to think that's a combination that doesn't exist. I don't care what you say, Velcro is NOT stylish! And...let's not forget the ever-so-fashionable compression knee-highs that I have to wear. 

Today in the heat, I'm trying to improve both my wardrobe and shoe collection and came home with alphabet stickers for another craft project, ink cartridge for the printer, black tank top and feeling anything but beautiful.  

And then it happened.......I browsing through a hairstyle magazine and admiring all the latest and greatest ways to get your hair did.....and it jumped off the page.....Beauty Through Strength! 

You mean all those life events that I've faced and conquered, makes me not only strong....but beautiful? Ladies....We hold our heads higher, walk with purpose, talk with confidence and yes, sweat......... because we've achieved beauty through strength! (And for me....a wonderful husband that tells me I'm beautiful every day!)

I do have one question though......Why why why can't a designer make that cute top in a size slightly larger?  For some, that top with the pastel butterflies is just lovely.  Or, the Capri pants with the bedazzled beading along the side. But for me, not really my style.  This is why I only came home with a black tank top.  It made me want to enhance my sewing skills.

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