Monday, December 30, 2013

Penny For Your Thoughts....Cookbook Style!

From a very special lady.....Virginia Albrecht - aka Grandma GinGin!
Grandma Gin Gin gave me this cookbook many many years ago and I used it often, as you can tell.  When the binding finally died, I was determined to keep it together in hopes of finding a way of putting it back together. 

Enter two neices and one sister to bring it back to life.....with humor!

Kathy, Bailey & Jenna not only safely displayed each page in a pretty cool 3-ring binder, but they added comments throughout the book and gave it to me as a Christmas present.  I finally sat down tonight to read each page and laughed out loud.  Bare with me as I share them with you......

Sponge Bob Square Pants!

Brady Bunch fan?

One tuna dip is too many!

Peas? Green beans?  Butter beans?

I really don't you?

It's not just Banana Bread!  It's 'A Loaf' of Banana Bread!

Next family dinner!

She didn't just say please.....she said PALEASE!

If the water is 86 degrees - you're pizza is ruined!

I guess that's what happens when the fat is hot!

I guess that's a hint!

Make this! Oh wait....make this one, it's easy!
I couldn't show each page but trust me, they are all just as funny!  And, I don't know if they realized it or not but when I opened the book...the red marker was still in the book.  Do you think they want me to add my own comments?  I couldn't possibly come close to the witty notes they've added.

Because this is a local cookbook put together by the staff (and family of staff) from Williamsburg Community Hospital, you might even recognize some of the names.  And, because I was focusing more on the comments vs the entire recipe, if I cut off any part of a recipe you'd like to have.....message me and I'll send it to you.

I absolutely love my cookbook remake and just when you least expect it....I'll bring Mayonnaise Biscuits to our next family function! 

Kathy, Bailey & Jenna......Much love is sent your way!

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