Sunday, December 8, 2013

Countdown to Mistletoe.....Days 6, 7, 8....Got Decorations?

OK - so I missed a few days

Since moving, dinners have been a last minute decision and the list of things to do just keeps growing and growing. Unpacking is taking a little bit longer because I'm trying to s-i-m-p-l-i-f-y (aka purging) as I go.  AND...I'm also trying to get a few Christmas gifts made along the way. I'm really hitting panic mode!

Yesterday Stephen and Andrew unloaded all the Christmas decorations.  If you read the last blog, it cleverly said I only had a 'few' boxes of decorations.  Yeah well.....that wasn't exactly 100% true.  Some would say it's an obsession, but I love decorating for Christmas and always have.  And being completely honest there were some years I was doing good to just get the tree up.

Some years I feel whimsical and bright. Other years, I feel more of the elegance of simple silver, gold and tinsel.  This way I don't have to go out and buy all new decorations each year......hahahahahahahahahaha!  I never met a 75% off sale after Christmas I didn't like.  In fact, I hardly ever buy Christmas decorations, lights, etc. at full price.  Maybe some tissue paper each year, but I even buy cards for next year at least 50% off.
Let the decorating begin!
The guys started unloading boxes and cartons of 'pretties' and I started going through each box.  I did start with one empty box and any decorations I no longer want went in that box...all 3 of them!  My coffee table became full from edge to edge rather quickly.  Ohhh...I remember that...that HAS to go out this year!  I even found a long lost photo of me in my younger years standing beside the old red fifty-six!

This year it's colorful and decided to shower the buffet table with my collection of snowmen and realized there are some missing!  Oh no!  My memory caught up with me (and before coffee too!) and I remembered there are about 10+ boxes already in the attic (big smile!).

There is one purchase that will need to be made BEFORE Christmas.....mistletoe!  I'll need to make a kissing ball to hang because we don't have one.  Hmmmm....I think I need to go see my friends at Season's because Kent & Kendall always have the best! (And just a little side note....if your heart has been taken over by the Grinch, or maybe just not quite feeling the spirit of Christmas quite on over to Season's.  I promise you, you'll leave with love in your heart and a little glitter on your nose.)

Merry Christmas!

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