Thursday, December 5, 2013

Countdown to Mistletoe.....Let's Do It! .....Day 4

When asked, "In a perfect world, when would you like to get married?"....without hesitation my response was December 25th!  Stephen's response, "Let's do it!"

Of course I knew it would create craziness on a day that's usually somewhat quiet and traditionally spent at home.  I love you all and hoped it wouldn't be too much (big smile!).

And, as a child I remember Nannie and Papaw Bailey celebrating their anniversary on Christmas day.  Traditions changed a little throughout the years as our families continued to grow and trying to balance visits to in-laws along with trying to hang on to our own family traditions...those gatherings changed too. 

However, I just remember Nan and Pap celebrating their day!  They'd sometimes exchange anniversary gifts Christmas Eve and it was always so funny because for the longest time, they'd buy each other gifts and when Nannie would open hers, she'd say, "This is pretty!  Of course, I knew I was getting it because I was with him when he bought it."  Well, that only happened for a few years because we started buying gifts for Pap to give her. guessed it!  He still told her what she was getting!

So we started just buying gifts for each of them and putting them under the tree with tags that simply stated, "To My Other Half" or "To My Better Half".  Neither one of them would know what they were opening.  We just had to beat them at their own game.

Nan & Pap in Mexico
Such a loving couple!  I miss their flirtatious behavior and the way they'd hold hands when they sat next to each other.  They couldn't be away from each other for long and even if she just ran to 7-11, they'd talk the whole way there and back on the CB radio (Ground Cable and Nellie Bell...10-4 Good Buddy!) Pap would always do something to 'cut up' if a picture was being taken.  And, Nannie's response would be, "Robert!".....but if you spell it the way she said it, it's "Rahbut!"

When Stephen said to me we'll share the 25th with Nan and Pap because we have a love just like theirs....I knew I had a keeper!

It's been a little more than fifteen years since Pap went home and Nan still has plenty of spunk!  I can't think of a better couple to share our anniversary with and can't thank you enough for for the many years of love you share with us all.

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