Monday, December 23, 2013

Countdown to Misletoe....Day 22....Let's Go Fishin'

Weather report for Virginia....Sunny and warm......79 degrees!

As Andrew and I rode through town trying to conquer last minute shopping, it was unusual to see folks wearing short sleeves and their windows down. 

I'm certain people dug into the back of their closets to find their favorite pair of flip-flops because they were plentiful too.  Crazy weather.

If I weren't so slam busy.....(and I guess the occasional downpours would have been a damper too), I would have loved to be on the rivah  doing a little Christmas fishin'!

Hmmmmm.....I wonder if I can get all my baking done in time to wet a line?  What do you think Babe?

Speaking of Stephen.....I made this Christmas decoration for him about 4 years ago after seeing one at Bass Pro.  I had to sneak and take a picture of it so I'd remember what it looked like.  Oh, he never suspected a thing because when we are in that store....he's easily distracted! 
It actually started out as a display for my jewelry creations, but as soon as I saw the one at BP, I knew exactly what I'd use as my base.

I had to repaint it of course, and the oval "North Pole/Fishing Poles" board is just a piece of leftover plywood that was cut, sanded, painted, sanded again and then Dad helped me with the mounting process (Well, he instructed from the comforts of his recliner and I made frequent trips to his shop to get the supplies required).  Mom never said a word but I did make sure any wood remnants, etc. were cleaned up after we finished (smile!).

We used a hefty helping of Gorilla glue, or as Dad called it, "Gorilla snot" and some sturdy wood screws.  As you can see she is still standing pretty and guarded 24/7 by a fierce, but festive nutcracker (No Tim - you can't have it!)

Anyway....that's my post for the day (Shhhhh...actually yesterday!).  I'm off to finish some last minute creations, do a little baking and yep....I do need to visit a store or two as well.

Merry Christmas......and when you are out there today, don't forget to smile!  It's a happy occasion and a joyous event we are celebrating...the birth of Jesus Christ!  Renew your worship and SMILE!

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