Monday, December 9, 2013

Countdown to Mistletoe.....Day 9.....Dashing ALL THE WAY!

You really does pay to get married at Christmas time because you can recycle some of your wedding day decorations!

And...I had to do something tonight that I don't normally do......I bought Christmas lights BEFORE they went on sale.  When I arrived at Home Depot I strategically parked at the entrance close to the Christmas decorations.  I know you are thinking...she's so smart!  Nope....this Mama was dog tired mentally and physically and I didn't want to take anymore steps than I had to.

I entered and took a quick left into Christmas Land, found the lights I wanted and proceeded to the check-out.  I looked up at the registers closest to my exit lights were on indicating they were operable.  Customer service was booming and a HD employee stood there holding himself up with the handle of a cart full of some kind of heavy duty mack Daddy appliance.  He was planted and not moving. 

My eyes carried me and my thoughts ALL THE WAY to the other end of the store where all kinds of registers were open!  Are you kidding me?  I made eye contact with the leaning employee and said, "The only reason I'm going to walk all the way down there is because I have a gift card and I'm too tired to walk into another store.  Why in the world don't you have a register open down here?" 

I started my hike and about 10 steps in, I turned around and said, "Then....I have to walk all the way back to my car.  You can't do this to women on a the rain! Dontmakenodernsense.

OK - that's over with.....on with the decorations....

I love my camera and one day I'll get Kelly to show me how to properly use it!  Here's what I came up with....
Jingle bells!

The can of hot cocoa on the left was a gift several years ago....recycled!
The tree made it's way to our bedroom and gathered all the silver, gold, white and glass ornaments.  And...believe it or not, I'm not loving the lights!  Go figure!  But they'll do for this year and I'll buy the twinkling ones I really wanted AFTER Christmas!

With the exception of a few special pieces, every ornament on and under the tree was recycled from our Christmas wedding last year!

Table centerpieces......recycled!


That gives you a little glimpse of the Christmas decorations in the Ward family home.  The tree is up and decorated with all the wonderful ornaments made by Robbie, Ashley and Andrew throughout the years and a few other favorites.  I haven't taken any photos of the tree yet and to be completely honest, the camera is ALL THE WAY on the other side of the room and well's not happening tonight!  Stay tuned.....

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