Saturday, December 14, 2013

Countdown to're it!...Day 14're it!

I don't know about you, but I have a problem spending almost $5.00 for a pack of tags for Christmas gifts.  Don't get me wrong, I do want all my gifts to look lovely, but tags are something I've just always made myself.

Maybe it comes from Grandma Susie and Mom recycling their Christmas cards as tags.  Or because I always seem to have an abundant amount of paper on hand (fabric & paper...Oh my!)

Thanks to my love for Pinterest, I saw an idea to use copies of your photos to make your gift tags.  Love it!

I also love the look of just brown kraft paper, these black & white tags and a red ribbon.  Nice.

All I did was cut and paste copies of the photos onto a word document.  Printed them as black and white copies and when I cut them out, I notched the ends to make them look a little more a tag.
Andrew has no hair!

Once the tags are cut out, you can just write on the back who the gift is from and tape it to your package (on just one edge).  Or, punch a hole and feed a piece of string or ribbon through the hole and tie it to your bag.

Photos of Christmas decorations recycled as tags!
With the tags above, instead of using photographs of people, I used some of the photos I took of Mom & Kathy's Christmas decorations in years past.  With Word Art, I added the "Merry Christmas" message but you can also add "To & From" as well.  Oh, and I used card stock paper vs regular copy paper.

Have fun!


  1. Ok..LOVE the tag idea! And, worth so much more than $5.00! You go! Jenna must have a little bit of you in her because she has been taking pics of our decorations too! BTW, is that her in one of those tags or a movie star?? KBG

    1. Yes that's Jenna and Bailey with Tybee on the very top.


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