Thursday, December 5, 2013

Count Down to Mistletoe....Let Me Entertain You...Let Me Make You Smile.....Day 5!

Christmas Eve with the Bailey and Wilder families has always been a long awaited night of good food, fun and laughter.  Some of the laughter a little more than some could handle (no further comments!).

I remember as 'teenagers' and even years before, we never really isolated ourselves from the 'adults'.  Heck - that's where the fun was!  Between gag gifts, hand bell choirs, nose harps, and just plain silliness....we had to be right in the middle of it!

Of course, there were times the adults had to humor us by listening to us sing a rehearsed Christmas carol or a newly learned song on the guitar....Lord, I'm five hundred miles away from home.....away from home....away from home......If I had a dollar for every time we sang that song!  Or even better........Let me entertain you....let me make you smile (I can't remember the rest...but I'm certain Nancy & Cindy remember!) 

We even had a Sisterhood Inauguration one Christmas!  Bailey (aka Gwynevieve Fauntleroy) and Jenna (Thelma Linda Bartenbeaner) joined Agatha Bellmont, Melvina Rothchilds, Zomelda Dagoon and Bonita Bungeeda as the youngest members. I must say they've accepted their new names and roles with the utmost of humor and honor! (Since then, Haylee has also joined the sisterhood but for the life of me, I can't remember her name....Chlotilda something....)

This year the festivities will continue!  And the fun and laughter will start with good food (of course!) and a few props!  We used to take advantage of having our families together to snap a family photo or two and this year we'll do the same.....but with a moustache or reindeer antlers or a beautiful Christmas boa.  I can barely fit everything into our new house, so we won't have a photo booth to capture these silly pictures....but I'll most definitely have the camera charged and ready wherever we take them. 

Pap & Dad...this is for you!  You always found a way to do something silly when a picture was being taken and this year we will follow your lead!

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