Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Travel....It's The Year of Stopping!

Travel!  I had the chance once (for a quick minute) to join some friends and take a one month photography course.  The kicker was...the course was in Italy.  This is one of those 'shouldacouldawoulda' moments where I coulda kicka myselfa!  Once again....Silly girl!

Yes, I'd still LOVE to go to Italy!  But you know, there are a lot of places here in the good ol' USA that I'd like to visit.  I checked one off a few years ago...California!  I booked it and off I went....thanking my intuition to bring a hoodie for the flight!  People....shower before you travel!  Please!  I think I sprinted off that airplane as soon as I possibly could.

Of course, I wanted to see the beautiful streets lined with palm trees and of course dip my toes in the ocean!  But this was the ticket...Thom did the teachin' and I did the learnin' with the Dremel and wooden stump!  Oh and don't forget the hammer and the In and Out Burgers!

 With California checked off, there are a few others I'd like to add to the list...

  • Nashville, TN (maybe wait until the pickin' is better!)
  • New Mexico to see the Hot Air Balloon Festival
  • Spend the weekend at a Bed & Breakfast
  • Martha's Vineyard
  • Coast of Maine
  • Christmas in New York (I've been to NY, but not for Christmas)
  • And...wherever the Country Living Market,The Vintage Farmhouse Market or HobKnob Market is being held!
Now...don't get me wrong, I'll get in the car and go just about anywhere for a day trip too! Stephen and I are a perfect pair for traveling because he likes to drive and I like to ride. This year honey, you won't get off the hook so easy because it's the year of 'stopping'.  If I see a hole in the wall shop or conveniently placed thrift store off the beaten path.....loaded to the ceiling with STUFF....I'm stopping!

Obviously, with both of us working full-time jobs the chance of me completing that entire list is pretty slim.  However, I'd be happy with one! Babe, fill up the car and let's hit the highway!  There's memories out there just waitin' to happen!

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  1. Yes, indeed, I remember very well going to NYC but we didn't see much because of Dad speed walking! Ha,Ha!


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