Saturday, May 31, 2014

Turn I can't...into I can and dreams into plans!

I not only have a laundry list of whatever clothing a husband, wife and 16 year old teenage boy can wear day to day....but I also have a laundry list of items I like to make, craft, hammer, sew and so on.

I can honestly say I enjoy each and every one of them.  It just depends on the creative mojo that's moving around at the time.

Pillowcase dress
I started sewing around 7th grade and love it.  I do tend to like more of the freestyle of sewing which is why I enjoy quilting, creating pillows, etc. However, I do love sewing for my grand-babies. And yes, I do dream about ideas in my sleep!  I'm weird, I know!
Very very simple kitchen curtain (backing is burlap)
Apron made from a pair of Stephen's jeans and scrap fabric

Allow me to shift gears from the sewing a hook! I probably learned to crochet before I learned how to sew. Thank you Grandma Susie, Nannie and Mom for keeping that handcraft moving.  Can I knit?  Ummm, let's just say it's easier to fix your mistakes when crocheting.  You might have to pull it out, but with knitting mistakes (trust me, there were plenty) I'd pout because I'd done all that work and couldn't figure out why it was 20 stitches on one side and 6 on the other. Not pretty.

Avery is wearing a Grammie crafted crocheted sweater!

Shifting gears again......this is probably the messiest handcrafting I do. (Stephen is probably shaking his head right about now - Love you Babe!) There are just so many pieces to crafting a unique piece of jewelry.  Over the years, I've collected a few (10) containers of beads, wires, findings, vintage baubles turned into charms, etc. and let's not forget my stump, torch, hammers and other necessary tools.

And, sometimes I just like to wing-it and see what I come up with.  I saw a picture of a beautiful bouquet on Pinterest (love it) and decided to make my own bouquet using handmade 'flowers' made of ribbon, muslin, lace and of course the locket you see below that holds a picture of Dad in it.
Where am I going with all this?  I've added to my 50 Fab Bucket market my handcrafted items.  I have yet another laundry list.....many ideas of how to make this happen, but I need to focus on turning the ...I can't into I can and dreams into plans! 

Plan #1 - This year, I'm going to host a Red Fifty Six....Girls Gone Crafty day of learning how to make one handcrafted item.  I love to teach and you'll go home with a masterpiece....I promise!

Plan #2 - I will have a Red Fifty Six launch show.  Details of course need to be finalized and I do welcome feedback because I can't showcase all my handcrafted items....Oops!  I said it.....maybe I can......sure I can!  

Stay tuned..........

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