Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MUSIC....No Sappy-Sad-I Can't Live Without You Songs!

I need to learn how to count.  Oh my!

My birthday is the 6th (I didn't forget that), but I should have started today if I truly wanted 10 days! Silly girl!

I pulled out my Bucket List and found that I have more than 10 items on there! Soooooooooooo... some days will have more than one item, which is fine with me.  I like to be busy anyway.

Since I started with the banjo, I'll keep with the music theme and list a few others in no specific order:

  • Write my own song 
  • Sing in a full blown, pew rockin' gospel choir
  • Catch a citation bass
How does catching a citation bass relate to music?  Darlin'...when I catch Bubba, you'll hear me singing all the way across the rivah and you'll say to yourself.....Robin caught Bubba....Check!

I've always loved to write poetry and if it weren't for going back in time and reading about heartaches and broken hearts, I probably have the making for a song.  No thanks.  I'd rather come up with something new.  I'd thought of a ballad of sorts, but I always go back to how wonderful it felt to drive that red fifty six and there were no sappy-sad-I can't live without you songs on the radio - so it needs to be a song that will generate smiles.  I'll get to work on it!
THE truck!  The lawnmower I wasn't allowed to use and the lawn chair used frequently at Yorktown Beach! (Off to the side was my first car - a red maverick.  As you can see the truck was still my preference!

When Stephen proposed, I wanted to have a full blown, pew rockin' gospel choir sing at our wedding.  However, once the date was set for Christmas Day and at Mom & Dad's, I knew that probably wouldn't happen.  No worries, I'll just add it to my BL.  And just so you know...I'm not looking to do a solo or anything h-o-w-e-v-e-r...I'm amazed how much I sound like Aretha when I'm singing along....in my car.....alone!  

I just knew tagging along with Nannie to all those BINGO games, Cindy and I would get our big break and they'd ask us to provide the entertainment. We just KNEW we'd be discovered! We had to settle for backyard recitals charging 25 cents/person.  With loot in hand (maybe $1.00) we'd sing and step-ball-change all the way to Minor's Store to get a bag full of candy.  

Good times and more to come!

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