Thursday, May 29, 2014


Keep. It. Simple. Silly. (I know that's not the original word there, but I don't like the word stupid and it's my blog so I can use any word I want to! Silly...Sassy...Sport...Sam...)

When I scroll down my list...there are a few simple items on the list that although wouldn't take a lot of effort, I still have yet to tackle them. And really, sometimes they are the hardest to achieve.  Why?

Someone asked me recently...Have you ever eaten a raw oyster?  When I answered...NO! I thought to myself, maybe I should add it to my bucket list! I'm thinking not.  Why in the world would I want to even try to eat something that looks like snot?  Dad used to say it was a waste of money to buy more than one oyster because all you had to do was tie a string to one, swallow it and then pull it back up again.  N-a-s-t-y!  Ya'll go right ahead and enjoy them while I slip on down to Golden Skillet and enjoy me some fried chicken gizzards!  Now that's some good eatin'!

OK, here goes and don't judge....

  • Cut the grass
  • Pay the bill for a military service man/woman (I've paid the lunch bill for a local fire fighter before without them knowing who paid - gave my heart a big ol' smile), but never anyone in the military.
  • Get back in the batting cage
  • Canning! (especially salsa and jam/jellies)
  • Lead someone to Christ
I've picked up many sticks so that Dad could cut the grass, but we weren't allowed to cut the grass.  I never could figure that out.  It shouldn't have been because we were girls because growing up we had go-karts, mini-bikes and learned how to get down and dirty on the softball field.  "If you don't come home dirty, you didn't play".  And, it wasn't just Kathy and I, Mom couldn't do it either.  I often wonder if Dad sneaks a peek through the clouds as Mom is on the riding mower and guides her along somehow.

Have you ever paid the bill for someone behind you at a drive-thru?  I challenge you to do it.  I challenged my Sunday School class to do it several years ago, but I'd never done it myself.  I was at Hardee's one Sunday morning and when I told the cashier I wanted to pay for the woman behind me, her eyes got big and she said, "Really? What shall I say?"  Well, you just tell her to have a blessed day and that somebody loves her.  The excited cashier replied...."Git on outta here then, so I can tell her!"  I drove off and smiled the entire drive to Church.  

I don't need to hit anything with blazin' speed.  Ha - don't know that I even could.  Well, if I follow the instructions I've heard a gazillion times...eye on the ball...see the ball hit the bat.....I might be able to hold my own.  There is a batting cage right around the corner from work so I'm thinking I need to gather up a few former players and make it a Girl's Night!  Who's in? 

Canning!  I know a handful of women who are canners.  Is that the right term? All I know is they work up a sweat putting fresh veggies, salsa, and jams into jars to save for a rainy day.  I want to do that! 

You are probably wondering why I have this last on my list, when it's the most important.  Well, if I'm speaking honestly....when reading something we most often remember the first and the last thing we read.  If we meet and you forget me, you've lost nothing.  If you meet Christ and forget've lost everything! Everything sure is a lot to lose!

I love you all!

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