Monday, October 5, 2015

You Can Keep Your Curve Balls!

We made plans for a trip to the beach and started anticipating the enormous amount of laughter, fun and friendship to come. However.....

Life happens! Hurricanes happen!  Storms happen!

With the anticipation of a brewing storm, messages started flying in via my cell phone, Facebook, email and more.  I'll admit it now, but I was a little concerned, especially when the prediction turned saying that Hurricane Joaquin would be upgraded to category 4. I knew I still needed to go!

I needed to be drawn closer and being up close to God's magnificent ocean put in perspective just how small I am in the scheme of things - but yet, I'm still very special to Him.

Gayle took a picture of me holding on to a fire hydrant and I wasn't only holding on, but had to lean into it as well to keep from falling over.  The winds were crazy and blowing from every direction with gusts of 45 mph, while my feet were sinking in the wet sand! 

It was in that very moment, that I was reminded just how much I need Jesus in my life. I was still drenched.....sand was weighing me down....I didn't know what was coming up behind me....but I was anchored onto something I knew would not fail me.  And, because of that I was able to live and enjoy my life and enjoy that exact moment!  No fear....Salt air....beach hair and all!

Hurricane Joaquin-2015

I need to not only live in the moment, but cherish every single second with those I hold near and dear to my heart. Tomorrow is not promised and ...I don't want any regrets.  Even as hard as it was to say good-bye to Dad, I said 'I love you' both with words and actions and have no regrets.   

Death and struggles with health concerns seem to be all around. Friends and family battling cancer, dementia, disabilities and just heartache in general of what will or will not be. It's tough!  Really tough at times.

I learned that above all else, I need to guard my heart! EVERYTHING I do flows from my heart and I want each of you to know that I love you and look forward to what God has planned! 

I read a quote this weekend that said...What if tomorrow only gives you what you were thankful for today? 

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