Friday, October 9, 2015

Be strong enough to hit the breaks, but patient enough to wait for the green light!

Do I dive in face first into that plate of no-bake cookies.....or do I put on the breaks and indulge into a cup of yogurt and fresh berries? (and....maybe sprinkle just a quarter of that no-bake on top?)

Do I press the accelerator to make it through the yellow light....or do I put on the breaks and enjoy the last bit of Tom Petty's American Girl on the radio? 

Do I continue to rush through Wal-Mart with my buggy on cruise control....or do I put on the breaks and help the aging man trying to reach the last bottle of Dr. Pepper on the top shelf?


It doesn't mean you've given up because you put on the breaks.  Just like it doesn't mean you are out of control when you floor it!

Someone not so near (dang-it!), but very dear, reminded me recently that God doesn't actually operate the gas/brake pedals for us.  Exactly!  What He does do is give us the ability to chose one over the other in ANY given situation.

Carrie Underwood so beautifully sings...Jesus Take The Wheel and yes, we are instructed not to worry....Let Go and Let God take control.  However, to do that we have to be equipped with that ability to choose. And, sometimes that involves an adventure, but it always require being in God's word too!

Allowing God to influence decisions doesn't mean we sit back and have a boring life.  Get out there and get the stink blown off ya!(Hope FloatsLet go of the thoughts you don't need anymore....Let go of what is holding you back....Let go and die your hair bright pink and paint your toes to match! You might actually be surprised what is planned for you.....Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently for Him to act - Psalm37:7

Be strong enough to hit the breaks but also be patient enough to wait for the green light. Once you have the green light...........there are endless opportunities to laugh until you can't breathe, love until you think your heart might explode, dance in the rain and splash in the puddles!  

I do control the gas/break pedals and if you happen to see me at the stop light.....join in because there is always a concert in the Fusion!

And...thanks TVWIII for the words of inspiration! 

Love ya...mean it!

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