Saturday, October 24, 2015

How to Hopefully Avoid Future 2x4 Moments.....Yikes!

Three of the hardest things to do:

  • Let go
  • Wait
  • Listen
I don't know about you, but it's very hard for me to let go of something.  Especially if I think the outcome has the potential for being bad, sad or ugly. And not because I chose that outcome, but I want to be in control that the outcome is the complete opposite.

Patience is also not a strong point and I get that honestly.  I like to arrive a few minutes early vs being late.Oh goodness, PLEASE do not make me late (said with a slight rolling of the eyes).  That is a waste of expensive make-up and gas.  Why make-up? Because I've just spent a little bit of time getting ready and yes, that means applying make-up.  If I'm forced to be late that means a frown will certainly takeover any smile that was once there.  Why go to the trouble of trying to look purdy, if the frown will trump that? Why gas? Because I will get in my car and drive myself to avoid being late. So yes.....if I finally give up and realize that I have no control over something, I don't wait patiently.

Well, life needs to just slow itself right on down if I need to take time to actually listen! Yeah right!!

I try to take quiet time every morning and pray.  Sometimes that is after everyone is gone and I have the quiet house to myself and other times, it's in the car. I love the sounds of nature early in the morning, so before turning on the ignition (and have the radio blasting at the volume I left it at!), I have quiet time in the comfort of my car! I offer adoration, thanksgiving, praise, ask for forgiveness and prayer requests for the day.  But then......I'm off like Tony Romo wishes he could be.....Quick & Fast!

I know nobody else has had weeks, or even months, like this, but LIFE just tends to build up and up and up and before you know it the "S" word creeps in.  And, you can think you have everything under control, and don't get me wrong - I am NOT by any stretch of the imagination an 'everything has to be perfect' kind of girl.  In fact, I do like the uniqueness of the imperfections in life. But......S-T-R-E-S-S is a completely different ball game and it whacks you in the head like a 2x4.

If you keep up with my Facebook rants, posts and stuff, you probably saw that I recently found an old journal of poetry I wrote back in high school.  I won't go into the Taylor Swift Gold Mine that could be, and promise that should she ever reach out to me for those poetic words of love and heartbreak (over and over and over again - Bham!  Another 2x4 moment of Girl, what were you thinking?), I will change the names to protect the ?innocent?!

A-n-y-w-a-y.....It sparked the once creative words of rhyme and the power of putting meaningful words on paper.  Words that might just somehow get me through any difficult times, struggles and desires to use that 2x4 myself! 

Honestly, you'll never see some of them because they are from my heart and pull out my true feelings and quite frankly none of your business (said with the most sincere charm of a southern girl). However....this we can all somehow all identify with and if you don't.......give it a shot and you might just find the difference you've been looking for.........
I am a woman....I am human....I struggle....I doubt....I know right from wrong....I cry....I ugly cry (ladies you get that!)....I worry....but I also pray....and know where to go for the rebuilding of that strength when I'm at my weakest because I like to laugh.....I like to play....I like to be silly....I like to create....and I like to be ME!

Love you....mean it!

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