Saturday, August 15, 2015

A morning view that just might just be enough.....just enough!

Morning View....

One would think that a post about a morning view would consist of......the balcony of a hundred year old hotel in Tuscany.....a  beautiful sunrise peaking through the mountains of Virginia, better yet, a perfect view of the ocean from your little beach open and the white sheer curtains are blowing just enough.....j-u-s-t  e-n-o-u-g-h....and sharing a cup of coffee with ...your person.  It's all good!

And, as good as it sounds and as much as I'd like to be nestled into that beach bungalow, getting ready to soak in some rays......this is my morning view - and it's beautiful!
My view is usually from this beautiful glider and still mimics the perfect sway of being rocked by Papaw's foot.

Relocated recently from the front porch of Bob & Myrt - aka Nan & Pap, she has found a new home on my own front porch.

As you can easily spot, the cushions need replacing and honestly there isn't much cush left at all! Your tush has a place to sit, but not necessarily a comfortable place to sit. 

The safety pins are probably from the early 1970's having lost their once shiny silver sheen and now painted with rust. They've done their job and even though the fabric is slightly torn, they survived four grandchildren, twelve great-grandchildren, five great-great grandchildren and when number six comes for a visit, he/she will rock on it to!  (T&B, I guess that means I can't replace the cushions until after Christmas!)

Love the matching seam binding used to decoratively tie up the cushions! 
With this morning view.....I nestle in with my cup of coffee, take in my surroundings and I think.....I worry.....I reflect......I wish.....I reflect some more.....and I pray.

I love my view and if I could, I pack it up and take it with me for a visit to the hotel balcony in Tuscany, cabin in the mountains of Virginia and o-h y-e-a-h....that bungalow at the beach!

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