Sunday, May 10, 2015

Just another memorable Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

I had the pleasure of being surrounded by wonderful mothers on this bee-u-ti-ful Mother's Day! Mom, Joyce, Nannie and Kathy joined me (along with others) as we enjoyed burgers with all the fixins for our Mother's Day lunch!

As we were preparing for lunch, my nieces decided to put on two dresses that Nannie gave them.  Yes, they are made of the highest quality double-knit polyester and even though I offered them both $50 to wear this as their back-to-school outfit, they passed!  Nannie of course, told them they looked beautiful and Nan was right!

I asked Andrew to take some photographs and for about an hour, they posed using props, scenery and laughter to accomplish what turned out to be a pretty awesome afternoon!

Below are the fashionistas in their natural colors before I post the aged and retouched photos.
As you can see Bailey and Jenna already found my wooden flowers as their first prop and before taking the picture they asked, "How did they pose way back then?"
Aunt Robin, do you have an old purse? I have an old purse! Can we use this suitcase?  I just love their imaginations and laughed to tears as they told stories to match their photos!
Most of their stories revolved around 'waiting for their husbands to return from war' and I found this to be very touching since they've experienced the long anticipated wait of having their own father return home from war.  So sweet!

In the last two photos, Jenna was starting her journey to meet her husband and then turned to run back home when she realized he was home.....He's home! 

Of course, they were bellied over with laughter, but I just love their creativity and the story telling in between the laughs.  Little did they know, they were making their own memories today!

Of course, Andrew had to sport one of the props and be a part of the fun!
Family gatherings are supposed to be memorable.  Fun and memorable! 

Thanks to these three, we can chalk today up as a memorable event and I'm so thankful they were raised to always express their creativity and not be afraid to be yourself. 

I had more fun going through all 72 photos and at one point, laughing uncontrollably to tears! Reminiscing back to the fun Kathy, Cindy and I would have telling our own stories and then laughing to tears at ourselves (after charging 50 cents for the rest of family to experience the memory - haha).

Thank you Bailey, Jenna and Andrew for the opportunity to live through your story telling today......this beautiful Mother's Day!

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