Monday, June 2, 2014

Got blog? Get bloggin'!

The quest for Fab 50 continues.....

Today is Monday and it started off fresh and new! Our office transformed into a work of art and it was a breath of fresh air to walk in today and see all the hard work...Love it and love my job!

Now let's talk blogging.....I'm new at this and even though I like to ramble and share how to bring creative and intentional imperfections into your life, I want to expand.  

How do I do that?

I bought a great magazine titled Artful Blogging- Visually Inspiring Online Journals.  First, I must say have you looked at the price of magazines these days?  Crazy business!
I've read this over and over and see something different each time!

One thing I've learned from this magazine and a few other favorites is they focus on just a few things. By that I mean it shouldn't be all over the place (which is where mine tends to be).  Those that are successful, tend to be only a daily journal, tutorials of DIY, decorating ideas or cooking!  You can really become inspired to get in the kitchen with some of the wonderful photography of the delicious desserts, salads, etc.

Of course, I love to inspire and be inspired!  I'd love to continue along that path and share with you all the how-to's and throw in a little inspiration via journaling too. And, here's where I need your participation.  Please take a minute and post a comment on my blog letting me know what you'd like to see. 

  • DIY tutorials?
    • A lot that I've learned over the years is from someone else's willingness to teach me. (sewing, painting, crocheting, jewelry, etc.)
    • Girls Gone Crafty (day or weekend retreat where we could all make a little somethin', maybe do some yoga and/or dancin' (speaking of dancing I've got to throw this in new favorite commercial is the Sprint Framily..."Somebody call the doctor because I've got a base case of boogie fever!"), enjoy some good eatin', etc.)
  • Women's Ministry
    • The Liberty Baptist Church - WINGS Women's Ministry is a new part of my life that is near and dear to my heart!  
  • Your recommendations???
So, the next item on my Fab-50 Bucket List is to expand my blog.  I

One more request....please share my blog with at least one person!  Maybe, just maybe it will catch on! And, maybe there is a expert blogger out there that could throw a few tidbits my way!  

Have a wonderful week and know that my life is truly blessed by each and every one of you!



  1. Just love your blog! DIY tutorials sound like a blast and would love to see more posts about the WINGS Women's Ministry.
    check out and - these bloggers have been know to help out new bloggers.

    1. Wonderful! Both are passions of mine and thank you for the referrals. I'll look them up as well because I'm anxious to learn more. Thanks so much for your feedback too ~Robin


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