Friday, June 13, 2014

Is there any chrome left on that bumper?

Father's Day is approaching and I've purchased my card!  I also tried to think of a good way to remember Dad without being all mushy mushy (although just typing this will for sure bring on those kind of tears that you don't know whether you are happy or just cry.

If you knew Dad, you know he loved his vehicles.  A lot of his old stories even revolved around his love for cars and trucks.  

When I was looking for an old picture of the Red Fifty Six, Mom found a plastic pocket photo album that Dad had started and of course he'd titled it...of course you guessed it....
The contents of this booklet don't by any means capture all of his vehicles, but there are a few.  I may not be able to remember exact stories about each one, but I'll give it a shot....
I'm not certain, but this may be the car that Dad got caught drag racing.  He left home, met somewhere to race and didn't know (of course) that Pap left home shortly after just to see what the boys were up to.  As Dad pulled back in the drive-way, Pap pulled in behind him.....walked up to the car with the dreaded hand out...........the keys!
I know absolutely nothing about this vehicle.  I remember the black car next to it only because it was in more photographs.  The house it is parked in front of is where we moved to when Kathy was maybe around 1968-69ish. I love the headlights and grill.
This one looks familiar!  This is the Red Fifty Six that I drove a many miles. Another item on my bucket list......take Roy Richardson up on his offer and go photograph the truck (since he won't sell it to me). Dual exhaust, mirror shine all the time and probably a bat bag or lawn chair in the back. Ahhhh....loved that truck!
Dad bought this truck after they moved to Fenton Mill Road.  I don't quite remember the year, but thinking '49 maybe.  He also had a black '49 before this one and traded it to a guy named Jerry for a fireplace in our old house. What a trade!
Robbie was Dad's shadow and loved to ride in the trucks, working and making 'stuff' in the shop and just being boys!

A few more 'Oldies but Goodies'...and I mean the trucks!  However, you might recognize a those love-birds too.

I don't know why, but the darker blue/green truck was probably my favorite of the newer models he had.  Maybe because he had it for such a long time.  He had this truck with Bailey & Andrew were born and I always wanted to drive it! He'd wash it and then park it where it would get the most shine.

These were the last two red trucks he owned.  The license plate....IOK-RU2 moved from truck to truck.  AND....hold on to your hats because as you can see....these trucks are NOT Fords!  We all thought it would snow in July for sure when he bought something other than a Ford!  I did have the privilege to drive the Dodge.  My car was in the shop and Dad offered me the keys.  Of course, I got the look and then the talk.....Treat it like I would! (Just call me Nervous Nellie for those few days). But, I so enjoyed the roar of the mufflers and the looks on all the teenage boy's faces when they'd pull up next to me at a stop light, driving their own trucks.  I'm sure they were thinking how good the truck sounded, yada yada....Aw man, it's a woman driving....It's somebody's Mom!  That's right Eddie Haskell and I just left you behind trying to figure out what just happened!

There is one picture missing and it's the yellow Ford Fairlane convertible. Another car I had the privilege of driving while in high school.  I remember parking it at Murphy's Mart while Dana and I ran in. When we came out, it was nose to nose with a truck.  The guy was cool because there was no damage.  No damage!!! There was a scuff mark on the front bumper and I'm doomed!!!  
We went back to Dana's house and I swear I used a whole can of wax trying to buff off that scuff mark. I knew what I had to away!  Just kidding. I knew I had to tell the truth.  I drove the ride of shame home and slowly walked up the sidewalk.  Only Mom was in the house, so I told her. Daggone, she agreed that I needed to tell him. Ugh! Why can't YOU tell him?  He's outside pulling weeds, go on out there and tell him. Can I go live with Nannie & Pap?
I took a deep breath....Dad, Dana and I went to Murphy's Mart and I parked the car and I know I put it in park but when we came out the car had moved I don't know how it moved, but it just did The guy was pretty cool because there was no damage to his truck and he said more than likely it jumped out of gear because older cars do that sometimes but I just wanted to tell you the truth even after trying to buff is out a-l-l-d-a-y long........SILENCE......he never broke rhythm pulling weeds and said in a very calm voice...but it was THE voice....there's no way that car jumped out of gear!  I wanted to scream. Do you know how long it took me to get up the courage to tell the truth and my arms hurt from buffing so much.  I'm surprised there's any chrome left on the bumper! And, now you don't believe me?  I don't remember him saying much more about that car........until I backed it into a tree leaving a friend's house.  THAT caused a little more damage than a scuff.  Ummmm...sorry!

Dad......(OK, I said no mush...tough!) I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet because of the opportunities you made happen for me.  I love you and miss you terribly each and every day.  I'm not perfect and I may not be able to brag about being able to wear the same clothes I did in high school...but when someone says to me.....You are just like your Daddy!.....I smile with joy and say....I hope so!  I sure hope so!

Happy Father's Day! And a special hug to all that have heavy hearts this Sunday....Love you all!

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  1. This was AMAZING! What a trip down memory lane and what a fitting tribute to Dad! Love you! KBG


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