Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fab-50 Homegrown Yoga!

The next item on my Fab-50 Bucket List is already in motion......slloooowww yoga motion that is.

I was on the hunt for a yoga class that would not only work with my work and church schedule, but affordable too.  I thought I'd hit a brick wall when through the amazement of social media, came a post on my Facebook page.

Homegrown Yoga in Barhamsville!  Evening hours....even on weekends.....and it's by donation.  You pay what you can afford and if one week your payment is your energy....that's OK.  I couldn't buy a yoga mat quick enough!!!

Just the ride alone prepares me for this perfect hour.

So inviting!

Each class (I'm not sure what they are called...class? session?) April Wooten always greets me with a smile, offers the best cold water infused with blueberries, kiwi, strawberries, etc.  I'm also greeted by another new friend...Kiera.  
I'd take her home in a minute!

Yoga has proven to be exactly what the doctor ordered.  Because of my knee, I've been told no more Zumba. It was never pretty, but I could still hip-hop and groove with the best of them. Did you know there are a lot of skinny girls that don't have rhythm?  Sorry, just speakin' the truth! That's actually a bummer because I did love those classes.  However, I needed to do something and hoping I still had some flexibility left in I went.

We really were doing yoga here and not auditioning as back up dancers for DWTS!  
Sore?  Yep...only after the first day though.  And I learned that even the easiest of poses can make one feel like the clumsiest of a woman.  Just like this picture above.  I swore I was in a full lunge and ready for competition -ha!  The one thing I have learned from viewing these pictures....I'm slackin'. Now that I'm more comfortable with the poses, it's time to push a little more.

Afterwards, we decided to have a little fun....

Let me be the first to encourage you to attend April Wooten's Homegrown Yoga in Barhamsville (look for Homegrown Yoga in Barhamsville as her FB page) No pressure (except when she walks around and challenges your flexibility with good pressure) and if you can't do the downward dog or the pigeon...that's ok.  Now April when I'm in this pose, I don't look anything like a pigeon...but I'll take your word for it.  What's the hardest? Challenging your core muscles and of course balance. However, this is a challenge that isn't impossible and I feel absolutely wonderful when I leave.  The last few minutes, I have quiet time...just me and God.  I honestly don't think about any of the smog in my life...deadlines... I just reflect on the many blessings God has provided and then I have the wonderful greeting of a cool wet washcloth soaked in lavender - placed on my forehead.  Now THIS is the life. Thanks April!

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  1. This looks awesome! Wish I lived closer so we could go together and I'm sure have many laughs! kbg


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