Thursday, June 5, 2014

Want a kiss?

Fab 50-Bucket List......Marry my best friend! Check!

It all started over gravy!  Henry doesn't like gravy.  How can anyone living in Virginia not like gravy?  At one of the Wednesday night dinners, I decided to give Henry a few custom packets of gravy.....Henry's Special Gravy (I just printed large labels and covered the real name).  But I wanted to give him something other than a funny gift, so I called Stephen to ask where his parents like to eat out..............the rest is history!

That sparked more conversations and on one of the Wednesday night dinners to follow (I think we'd probably been out on 2 dates) Stephen walked over to the table with a handful of chocolate kisses and just as I put a bite of food in my mouth said, "Want a kiss?".  I couldn't answer, but Dad did....."Why don't I get a kiss?"

The Emotions sing one of my favorite songs.  I do love me some Motown, so it's hard to pick just one favorite song.  But, this captures me and how I feel towards my best friend....Kevin!  (HaHa - that's another story.....I thought Stephen's name was Kevin for a long time and had to tell him the story just in case I called him Kevin-Silly girl)

Love you Babe! CYK!


  1.'ve got the best of my've got the best of my love-singing it as I'm reading it-love that song! Kevin, Buffy, loverboy (from nannie)...didn't know Stephen had so many alias'! KBG

  2. Sing it girl! (thanks for commenting)


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