Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What is a lost cause?

What makes a situation or a person a 'lost cause'?  I'm divorced...twice!  Surely, that makes me a lost cause.  The woman who was just told she has breast cancer.  Surely, that is a lost cause too.  A category 5 tornado just went through your town and leveled your home and every other home within 5 miles!  Now THAT is a lost cause! This post was easy and I was finally able to determine what a lost cause is!

Ssssqqqquuueeeerrrrcchchchchch.  STOP the press!

Now let's get back to this "D" word!  Much to my better judgement, and me thinking that I had the whole situation under control at all times.....I may not have listened when I should have and may not have always made the best of decisions.  But...that doesn't mean I'm a lost cause!  Far from it! 

I have a long list of reasons why and the first four on the list are Stephen, Robbie, Ashley and Andrew (and of course their beautiful families!)..followed by words like...Strength, Character, Patience, laughter.....forgiveness....worth repeating ....forgiveness, and many more reasons why I, am not a lost cause.

Being told you have cancer must surely be devastating.  Or, any other chronic or potentially terminal illness.  I speak to people every single day that would debate 'devastating' with you.  Some say being diagnosed was the best thing that ever happened to them because...I found myself, or I'm stronger now than I've ever been.....I'm in better health now than I was in my 20's. 

For a doctor to tell a patient, it's a lost cause and there is nothing else we, or you, can do....Oh Buddy you'd better buckle up because I'm going to rock your co-pay collecting world and be here every day if I have to, to beat this!  But, this will NOT be a lost cause!

Ask the folks of More, Oklahoma what it's like to be in the midst of a lost cause.  Ain't nobody got time for dat............they are rebuilding their lives, their town, their streets.  But they don't have to rebuild their hearts and their determination to bring their town back to life.  Have you seen how this town (and many others affected by natural disasters) has come together to make this happen?  You may have even contributed to this cause.  But it's surely not a lost cause.

We've all been there and made a bad decision or two, or three, or twelve.  We even call in the troops of Facebook, Instagram, work circles, Church friends, party friends to get us through these difficult times and make us feeeeeeelll better.  Is this a good idea?  Maybe-Maybe not.  But, the decisions we make, the news we face or the blow of devastation that just hit us square in the jaw....does NOT make you a lost cause.  We find the courage from somewhere to keep on keepin' on and move on!

Rushing into the house after spending 2 hours at Walmart buying groceries, loaded down with too many bags because you refuse to make two trips......drop everything to barely make it into the bathroom - WHEW! Only to find there is NO toilet paper....THAT is a lost cause! (But not really...because I didn't like those underwear anyway!)

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