Sunday, June 2, 2013

Thumbs up Dad!

Dad's fire engine red 1956 Ford truck!
I can't imagine kicking off the start of my blogging adventure with anything other than MY truck!  OK - Dad's truck!  But I did have my own set of keys!
As a young girl, I cannot imagine life being any better growing up.  I attribute my unique style and desire to create to family, lifelong friends, go-karts, backyard concerts, fishing and....the keys to my Dad's '56 Ford truck!
Those of you that know me, know I loved that truck!  The first day I was able to drive it to school (excited beyond belief!) I made sure it had the perfect shine and off to school I went.
I let off the gas to cruise into the Bruton High School parking lot, the mufflers still at a low rumble.....I backed it in to my designated parking spot.  Checked my hair, checked my teeth and within minutes.....every boy in the parking lot was surrounding MY truck!  Followed by a handful of girls with hands on hips, and yes even way back then we rolled our eyes and necks!  Not much time to talk so I grabbed my bat bag out of the back and off we go to class.......I didn't have to say a word.
This ol' truck was my chariot to the beach (Oh-the miles I put on it to the beach!), the skating rink, and just crusin'.  I loved the feeling it gave me to be behind the wheel of such a beautiful machine and I was different. I had strict instructions on how to 'take care of her' and knew if I wanted to continue driving her, I had to obey the rules.  "Keep gas in it.  Don't park around other cars.  NOBODY else is allowed to drive it.....but he never said "Don't race it."
My relationship with my Dad (Oh goodness, I need tissues!) was the best!  During his final months, we talked about a lot of memories to the point of tears of laughter.....including the truck.  I decided to confide in him about this one and only time I was driving it.  I'll refrain from mentioning any names.....but one gentleman that had been after me for months to race him got his wish. 
Leaving from Sandy Point in Yorktown, VA he was driving his mother's old cutlass and I pulled up next to him in the passing lane, gave him the ol' head gesture and left him.  I guess you could say we never raced, because he never caught up.  Dad was just sitting there with both elbows on his knees, raised his eyebrows first and then looked up at me.  Oh no - I'm in trouble!  At 48 years old, he's going to ground me!  He says, "Did you win?" ......................  "Well I wouldn't be telling you about it if I didn't."  He gave me a thumbs up.
That's pretty much the story behind RED FIFTY SIX.  I not only loved the truck, but loved the man, loved the good times and laughter, loved the inspiration it gave me then and the same inspiration I've carried around with me my whole life.  Thumbs up Dad!  Thumbs up!

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  1. Great story! At first I thought this would be Robin's version of 50 Shades of Red.


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