Saturday, June 29, 2013

Like it-Share it-WIN it!

Click it-Like it-Share it-WIN it!
Because it's Saturday and the sun is shining and I'm feeling pretty daggone good!  I'm offering this handcrafted silverware pendant.........FREE!  All you have to do is Like it and Share it on FB or add a comment below! (If you opt to select 'anonymous' to add your comment to avoid making a profile...make sure you put your name in the comment too!)
One rule - your comment has to have the word NICE in it.  As a country we need to add NICE back into our daily MO!  Go for it and I'll have my handsome husband draw the lucky winner on July 4th!


  1. nice work, agatha!

    melvina rothchilds (ok, cindy clark if you are talking legal names and all)

  2. It would be so NICE to be able to enjoy this but Im allergic to nuts!!

    "Walmart Dress" - Theresa P.


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